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Cannabis Information & Article Library

The universe of cannabis information is a vast one and searching out any given topic can result in information overload. That’s why we compiled a library of cannabis articles to educate people about this wonder weed.

Our articles break down cannabis on every level. Think of this site as Cannabis 101. Do you know the difference between hemp and marijuana? If you walk into a dispensary, do you know what makes a sativa cannabis strain different from an indica? For the more seasoned smoker, we delve into nontraditional forms of cannabis such as wax, shatter, and dabs. What about the supposed dangers of smoking marijuana? We’ll tell you all you ever wanted to know about smoking, eating, and other ways of enjoying cannabis.

While many people wrongly think of cannabis as a plant that’s only good for recreational purposes and getting high, our articles delve into the amazing world of medical marijuana. You’ll never believe all that cannabis can do. From epilepsy to cancer and ADHD to PTSD, cannabis is changing lives and showing real promise as a treatment or possibly a cure for some very devastating diseases. We believe that in order for laws to change, people’s views must change – and that way to accomplish this is through education. Feel free to browse our Medical Cannabis articles to learn more about THC, CBD, and all of the wonderful cannabinoids that help heal our bodies, as well as our minds.

Are you a jet-setting cannabis enthusiast who is always looking for an amazing place to sample your favorite plant? If so, check out our Cannabis Guides/Tutorials. These tourism articles will put you in the know on the best places to score legal weed, as well as places where the laws are still catching up to the rest of society. An educated cannabis traveler is a safe and happy cannabis traveler, so read up before you fly out and light up!

You’ll also enjoy our more lighthearted cannabis articles about pro-cannabis celebrities, as well as fun facts about weed-related topics (do you know the origin of the word “hippie,” for instance?). We’ll dive into the hilarious stoner sloth anti-drug campaign and puff, puff, pass over the best stoner films ever. How did Snoop Dogg get his name? When did Miley Cyrus ditch her Hannah Montana persona to become such an advocate for cannabis? Our article library features profiles of high-flying celebrities who have been doing their part to destigmatize this wonderful weed.

So whether you’re looking into cannabis information in regards to treating a medical condition, have never picked up a bong in your life and are trying to figure out how to get started, or are a longtime smoker looking to read up and have fun, there’s something in our article library for you. Welcome and enjoy!

Main Topics:
Cannabis 101 – In depth articles & information of major cannabis topics.
Medical Cannabis – Cannabis as a medicine, articles & information.
Cannabis Health & Body – How cannabis effects your body?
Cannabis Politics & Legalization – The boring stuff.
Cannabis Tourism – Cannabis tourism around the world.
Cannabis Celebrities – Celebrities who endorse cannabis.
Cannabis (Uncategorized) – All the rest.