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Weed and Exercise: How are They Connected?

Weed and Exercise: How are They Connected? While you may not naturally put weed and exercise together in the same sentence, some studies show an interesting connection between the two. Learn the latest research and athletes’ views on incorporating cannabis into fitness regimes. 26/01/2017 While you may not naturally put weed and exercise together in […]

Is Marijuana Dangerous?

Why Marijuana is Less Dangerous Than You Might Think A comprehensive answer to the question of whether using marijuana is dangerous, with a focus on the plethora of research indicating that most users do not incur cannabis-related harm. 26/01/2017 Is there evidence to support the argument that marijuana consumption is “dangerous”? While proponents of this […]

Is Cannabis a Helpful Treatment for Anxiety?

Is Cannabis a Helpful Treatment for Anxiety? How This Safe and All-Natural Anxiety Reducer Can Change the Lives of Anxiety Sufferers. 25/01/2017 One of the most common mental disorders, anxiety comes in many forms. For some, it rears its head as generalized anxiety disorder, an all-encompassing and constant feeling of fear and dread. Others may […]

Can Cannabis Help Your Depression?

Can Cannabis Help Your Depression? Research Indicates That Cannabis Could Be the Antidepressant Many Have Been Searching For. 24/01/2017 Any amount of online research on the benefits of cannabis will turn up a long list of results claiming that it can cure everything from psychological problems to chronic pain and even diabetes. Is there actual […]

Pay Attention: Cannabis for ADHD

Pay Attention: Cannabis as a Treatment for ADHD Increasing Numbers of ADHD Sufferers Are Turning to Cannabis as an Alternative to the Undesirable Side Effects of Stimulant ADHD Medications. 24/01/2017 Everyone daydreams and has attention lapses once in awhile, especially if they’re working on a task that’s monotonous or uninteresting. For those with ADHD, paying […]

Cannabis as a Pain Reliever

The Road to Relief: Cannabis as a Pain Reliever Sick of Side Effects from Traditional Pain Medications? Patients with Chronic Pain are Finding Real Results with Cannabis. 24/01/2017 For people with chronic pain, simply getting through each day can be a struggle. Pain takes a physical toll, but it also has a huge emotional impact […]

Open Your Eyes: Cannabis for Glaucoma

Open Your Eyes: Cannabis for Glaucoma Seeking Natural Relief, Many Patients Try Cannabis – But Are the Drawbacks Greater Than the Benefits? 24/01/2017 Glaucoma can be a devastating condition for those who suffer from it. Depending on the type of glaucoma, the disease can cause eye pain, halo affects around lighting, nausea, vomiting and gradual […]

Cannabis for Cancer: Is It a Cure-All?

Cannabis for Cancer: Is It a Cure-All? Sorting Out Fact From Fiction in the World of Medical Cannabis as a Cancer Treatment. 24/01/2017 For those with cancer, a world of information exists regarding the potential for treatment. From numerous websites with suggestions about curative therapies for the disease itself as well as relief for various […]

Cannabis in Colorado: Tourist Guide

Cannabis in Colorado: A Guide for the Marijuana Tourist Legalized pot in Colorado has brought a flood of Cannabis Tourism to the state. Here’s our guide of where to stay and what to do while you’re there. 24/01/2017 Colorado – land of soaring mountains, crystalline lakes, rushing rivers, and legal recreational marijuana. When voters approved […]

Cannabis Tourism in Spain

Cannabis Tourism in Spain: Is Barcelona Really The New Amsterdam? Since it’s illegal to sell marijuana in Spain, cannabis clubs have worked around the law by having people sign up as “members”, rather than shop as “customers”. Each club charges its members a fee to join. 22/01/2017 When people talk about European cannabis tourism, the […]