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Azarius Review 2018

Find out if Azarius is the right headshop for you and your cannabis lifestyle, as well as whether its smartshop and seedbank products deserve a second glance.

When you want to buy cannabis paraphernalia, cognitive enhancers, and seeds, you might assume you have to go to three separate web shops to get everything. But such is not the case when you shop at Azarius online shop; Azarius is a huge headshop, smartshop, and seedshop, all wrapped into one platform. The obvious question now is, how good is this e-shop, in terms of product quality, customer service, pricing, and other important features? Find out the answers in the 2018 review below.
Reputation 10/10Customer Service 10/10Shipping Range 4/10Payment Methods 9/10Products Quality 9/10Product Selection 9/10Overall 8.5/10Well Known Since 1999, Based in AmsterdamHeadshop, Seedbank, Smartshop, VaporizersShipping to EU Counties OnlyCredit Cards, Bitcoin and Money TransferQuick Links – Azarius Online Shop Main Pages:Azarius Shop HomepageAzarius HeadshopAzarius SeedbankAzarius SmartshopAzarius Vaporizers ShopAzarius Lifestyle ShopPayment InformationShipping InformationAzarius Special Offers

Azarius Company Profile

Azarius made a name for itself when it became one of the first online smartshops to open up in Holland, Amsterdam. The online store quickly set itself apart from the competition by carrying seeds, herbs, and supplements, in addition to cannabis accessories, rather than just focusing on one or two of these categories. To date, the company has over 16 years in the industry.

In 2009, driven by success, the company launched a physical shop in Amsterdam’s city center to enable consumers to shop broth online and offline with them. You can find the brick and mortar store at Kerkstraat 119 Amsterdam in the Netherlands if you are in the area.

The company’s headquarters are also in Amsterdam, where they maintain several valuable business connections. Azarius belongs to VLOS, the Dutch national smartshop association, and Stichting Webshop Keurmerk, an organization focusing on protecting consumer interests. Both memberships speak highly of the company’s commitment to keeping their shop standards high and fulfilling consumer expectations.

Indeed, Azarius vows to “make the world a better place for all lovers of Mother Nature’s gifts,” as per their About page. With this amazing promise at the core of their activities, the company has risen to become a leading headshop, smartshop, and seedshop in Europe in 2018. They have helped over 200,000 customers in Europe alone.

What Makes Azarius Different?

Several features differentiate Azarius online shop from competitors. Here are the leading differences:

Azarius – More Than Just a Headshop

The most obvious distinction is that Azarius is not solely an online head shop; it is a smartshop and seedshop too. You can buy plants, seeds, and herbs from around the globe, in addition to cannabis accessories, all in one convenient web shop.

And, as if that alone is not enough, Azarius.net is also an informational platform. The “learning center” contains an insightful blog, as well as an encyclopedia, news magazine, quizzes, and more. We suggest looking through the encyclopedia to find fascinating explanations and guides to herbs, seeds, plants, synthetic drugs, and cannabis culture. The presence of this type of information on the platform shows that Azarius encourages a safe, responsible experience with their products.

Azarius Physical Store

The offline shop also helps Azarius stand out from competitors. While many companies have shops solely on the Internet, Azarius offers a physical store in addition to a virtual shopping platform. For someone who prefers to see grinders and other items in person before purchase, and wants to try out select items, this feature is a great one.

In-depth Product Testing

Azarius only carries products that have been tried and tested. This discretionary process helps ensure that only top-quality cannabis paraphernalia, seeds, herbs, vaporizers, and other products are available to their customers. Testing helps to decrease the chances that you will buy a cheap, poorly-designed product from them.

Azarius Money Back Guarantee

If you do make a purchase from Azarius but are not totally satisfied with the received product, you can return it to the company for a full monetary refund. Just ensure you contact the company first to obtain the required paperwork and return the order within 14 days.

As this guarantee is not one that every smartshop, seedshop or head shop provides its customers, we appreciate it. Some other shops only offer exchanges, rather than returning the money spent, or refuse to take back certain used items.

Giving Spirit

We also like that Azarius believes in giving back to others. The company donates a portion of their yearly profits to charities and green organizations, such as the non-profit Erowid and Amnesty International.

Large & Varied Inventory

With about 3,000 products available at their e-shop, Azarius is huge, with its inventory spread out across the headshop, smartshop, and seedshop categories. They carry vaporizers too, which range from pento to tabletop.

As we mentioned early on in this review, it is rare to get all of these items in one location. For your marijuana-loving lifestyle, you can get vaporizers, herbal energizers, grinders, scales, and cannabis seeds all in a single order. You only have to deal with one provider, making for an easier buying experience than would otherwise be possible. Also, you only have to track the shipment of one order, versus several packages coming from multiple companies.

The next question, of course, is: what is the quality of the Azarius inventory? Below is our analysis, beginning with the headshop portion of the site, followed by the smart shop and, lastly, the seedshop.

Selection & Quality at the Azarius Headshop

The headshop contains bongs, pipes, scales, grinders, weed rolling papers, and an array of other cannabis-related accessories. Here is more about some of the paraphernalia, all of which ship from the company’s Amsterdam warehouse.


Azarius carries a range of bongs, from glass and acrylic, to shishas. As glass bongs are classic, we are happy to see the headshop carries a lot of them. There are more than 30 glass devices in total, including reputable brands like EHLE and Red Eye, and they look nice rather than tacky.

If prefer acrylic rather than glass, though, you may have to search elsewhere for your dream bong. Azarius only carries few acrylic bongs, and they are not overly amazing in appearance. Acrylic is more durable than glass, so it would be nice to see the selection grow at the headshop.

Smoking Pipes

The smoking pipes at Azarius come in metal, glass, wood, and silicone. The headshop contains over 40 types of glass marijuana pipes, and there are many great designs, including the Red Eye Teenage Mutant Ninja Sherlock.

Several styles of wood pipes are available too from Azarius. We are fans of the vintage look, including the Goodfellas John ‘The Teflon Don’ Gotti pipe. Select pipes come with a stand and luxurious carrying bag. Unfortunately, we found no stone pipes at the web shop when we did this 2018 review.

Dabbing Gear

Azarius offers quality dabbing tools for cannabis concentrates, including three types of bubblers and five kinds of nails (titanium and ceramic).

If you want a dab torch to get the nail hot, though, the choices are limited at this head shop. The Lighter Hyper Torch is the only torch for sale; it has an adjustable flame, which lessens the chance of the tool being negatively affected by the wind. But, even with this useful feature, we hope Azarius will expand the selection as there are many sizes and styles of dab torches on the market in 2018 that they could carry online.

Storage Solutions

Do you want a new stash box to hold all of your weed until you have time to use it? If so, you can explore many awesome stash gear at Azarius storage section. The OOBox, for example, is an extraction system and stash box in one; it contains a hygrometer and humidifier to help preserve the taste and odor of your herbs for a long time.

Azarius also offers stealth stash boxes, so no one knows what you store inside of them. You can hide your weed in stash boxes designed to look like batteries, screws, lighters, or even stones. The number of secret stash box options at Azarius is more than we expected when we began this review.

Smell Proof Storage bags and airtight containers are available too. Looking at the storage solutions category, we conclude that this headshop covers the cannabis storage needs of the majority of users.


Grinders at Azarius come in many sizes and materials. Choose from metal, wood, or acrylic grinders, in one-, two-, three-, four-, and even five-piece designs. You will not find any plastic ones at the online shop, though.

Prices for the grinder prices vary, with a choice available for every budget. Obviously, the more money you spend, the more efficient grinder you will get (likely with a kief catcher). The head shop stocks both electric and manual models.

Marijuana Scales

When you need a large-capacity digital weed scale or a portable kind, you are likely to find one that you like at Azarius. The selection is massive and includes all major types, such as pocket scales, precision scales, and table scales. You can also buy stealth scales there.

One cannabis scale that caught our eye at Azarius was the Scale Dalman Miniscule. It is the smallest scale ever manufactured, with measurements of only 72 x 36 x 12mm. The modern-looking cannabis scale has a stainless steel platform, blue backlit display, and weighing capacity of 300g x 01.g. The Scale Dalman Miniscule has a detachable lid, auto-off in 30 seconds, tare feature, and includes a three-year warranty too.

Smoking Accessories

Now that you have all the mainstays for your cannabis lifestyle, you may want to grab smoking accessories to enhance your toking sessions. Find them all in one convenient location at Azarius; there are rolling papers, filter tips, lighters, cones, and more.

Brands at the Head Shop

You can buy cannabis paraphernalia from some of the biggest names at Azarius, including Cheech & Chong, Red Eye Glass, and EHLE. Perhaps you want the Cheech & Chong Love Machine glass rig, for example, which is designed to increase the intensity of the concentrates with its inline perc at the bottom and bell perc diffuser at the uppermost section.

Or, perhaps you are seeking an elegant bong instead. If so, the EHLE Static Sculpture made of top-grade borosilicate glass will likely appeal to you. It has a 450ml capacity, durable structure, and is made under the most stringent of factory standards by EHLE.

Review of the Azarius Smartshop

Azarius carries many popular legal herbs, seeds, and natural energizers. While some online shops dabble in psychedelic herbs and seeds, Azarius has a big selection of both. They stock about 2,000 smart products in 2018, which is impressive to us.

Bestsellers at Azarius Online Smartshop include kratom, salvia divinorum, and kanna. There are also cati, natural supplements, and herbs to increase energy. Below is more about the web shop’s selection.


Azarius carries high-quality kanna (sceletium tortuosum) herb, kanna extract and kanna tea bags. There are even bundle deals for the psychedelic extract, such as the Kosmic Kanna Pack. Many users enjoy the feeling of relaxation and the mental boost they achieve with kanna.


For a mood lifter that also energizes your body, kratom might be the solution. Azarius offers kratom herbs (powder or cut) and standardized extracts (herbal or resin), which can be chewed, added to tea, or consumed in other ways.

When taken in small doses, the botanical typically increases mental alertness and motivation, while large quantities often encourage euphoria. The smart shop carries about 40 kinds of kratom, which is great if you want to experiment with this plant.

Salvia Divinorum

The hallucinogenic plant Salvia Divinorum (or Salvia, as it is commonly known) is available in standardized extracts, leaves, and try-out packs. Azarius stocks approximately 15 different kinds of Salvia, with the concentration details written on the specific product page. Some of the extract pages say “recommended for the more experienced salvia user,” so choose wisely.

Herbs & Herb Extracts

With more than a decade in the industry, the Azarius team has become experts in how to pick Herbs & Herb Extracts for their smartshop. They gather herbs from around the globe that can achieve a range of effects, from calming to invigorating. The smartshop groups the herbs according to their influence; two categories, for example, are “Dream Herbs” and “Energy.”

It is difficult to imagine any other smartshop having more herb selection than Azarius. The biggest variety of herbs is found in the “Relax” category, which tells us that there is a demand for products that help people to unwind from the stresses of life in 2018.

If you crave a stronger effect than herbs themselves can deliver, then herb extracts may be right for you. The extracts are higher concentrates of Azarius’ most popular herbs; Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) extract, for example, comes in 20x and 50x powder extracts from the Blue Lotus flower. The herb extracts are intended for users already accustomed to regular herbs. With around 60 herbal extracts at Azarius, you have a lot of choices.

Psychedelic Seeds

For a grower, the Psychedelic seed selection from around the world is likely a welcome sight. Making your own garden is an easier process with so many psychedelic seeds available in one shop, including Ephedra viridis seeds and Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) seeds. Each product page provides helpful details, such as the potential plant size, its origin, and growing tips.

To have an even greater chance of developing robust, healthy plants from the seeds, Azarius also carries products like organic fertilizer tabs and packages of nutrients specially compiled for hybrid strains. During cultivation, these kinds of items are useful in helping with germinating seeds.

Additional Smart Products

Azarius smartshop also has herbal energizers, magic mushrooms, drug testing kits, natural supplements, psychoactive plants, cacti, nootropics, and tinctures. Azarius carries a wide variety cognitive enhancers, regardless of your experience level with them.

Azarius Seedshop Review: How is the Variety?

Azarius mainly stocks feminized seeds, with a big amount of autoflowering ones too. The varieties range from cannabis seeds for beginners to grow to those that require a more experienced eye. Both indoor and outdoor seeds are available.

Azarius carries seeds from over 25 growers, as well as having their own brand, appropriately called Azarius Seeds. Several of the most popular 2018 brands are at the seedshop, such as Royal Queen Seeds, Dutch Passion, Nirvana, Sensi Seeds, Sweet Seeds, and Serious Seeds. As for overall seed quality (both for reseller brands and Azarius Seeds), online consumer ratings are high overall.

We also commend Azarius for making the list of growers alphabetical at the seed shop, which makes finding favorites an easy and fast process. Another great feature is that each seed page provides information about the company and suitable growing environments, as well details about the strain flavor and effect.

There are even variety packs to try if you cannot make up your mind which seeds to purchase at Azarius. The Top Quality Mystery Pack, for example, contains several seeds from different brands, and each pack is chosen randomly, making for fun growing experiences.

Speaking of fun, did you know that Azarius also carries vaporizers?

Types of Vaporizers at Azarius:

Yes, the huge e-store offers vaporizers too. Many shapes and sizes are available, so there is likely a suitable vaporizer for any user. You will find tabletop and portable versions there, as well as pen vaporizers for more discrete solutions. Azarius also sells flame vaporizers, spare parts and accessories like cleaners and storage containers.

While we expected the company only to carry a few vaporizers, this was not the case; they stock 18 tabletop vaporizers, not to mention what is obtainable in the other categories. If a tabletop vaporizer is on your to-buy list, look into the Herborizer Sphere, which is made of PYREX glass to resist thermal and mechanical shock. It comes in two sizes, with the bigger version including a temperature controller.

As for pricing, there are vaporizers to suit any budget. They range from about $70 to over $700. Below is more information about the prices at Azarius, as well as payment options.

About Payment Methods & Pricing

Having a range of ways to pay makes it easy for customers to complete their orders. Thankfully, Azarius has numerous payment options in 2018. They accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), Bancotact/Mister Cash debit card, cash, money transfer, iDEAL, Webshop Keurmerk, Paysafecard, and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, in particular, is very convenient and fast. Exactly which payment options are available in your part of the world will show up on the order page after you select your home country.

As for the cost of your order, it all depends on what you are buying; some products are pricier at Azarius than at competitor shops, while other items are quite affordable. Admittedly, at first, we were critical of some of the steep prices at Azarius. However, after conducting a full review, we realize that the company makes up for expensive pricing on some items with their great customer service and fast shipping.

Also, sales regularly occur at the web shop, so there is the potential for saving money. Plus, for certain products, if you buy more, you pay less; the item gets discounted in price when you buy multiple quantities of it, with the amount of money you save increasing with each additional one purchased.

Review of the Physical Shop

If you are in Amsterdam, stop in at the brick and mortar store at Kerstraat 119. All of the seeds from the Azarius brand are available in the physical store, along with an array of smart shop and head shop items. But, certain seeds and other products available online are not at the physical store because of the limited space.

At the Amsterdam shop, a major benefit is that you can see in person the inventory that comes from around the globe. The in-store team will also provide you with extensive information about their products, including usage, effects, and ingredients.

You can even test some products in the showroom. Try out the bongs, for example, or experiment with more than 30 vaporizers there. The Azarius store is open seven days a week.

Evaluating Azarius Shipping & Delivery

The company ships most of their products only to countries in the European Union, with select items available to ship to other regions, such as the United States. It is easy to tell on Azarius.net whether an item will ship to you or not; if you see the words “unavailable in your country” in red font beside a product, then it is not available in your country and you will not be able to order it.

The reason you cannot order this particular item is that it would be illegal to use it in your home country. Yes, the site can tell where you reside when you access its pages. Azarius will never ship anything to you that is illegal where you live.

As for the shipping, it is discreet for ALL packages. This feature is great to see as some weed shops charge an extra fee for stealth shipping. When your Azarius package arrives, it only shows your address and the return address on the outside of the package. It does not reveal the company name so that you can keep your personal activities to yourself.

Unfortunately, there is a minimum order amount in effect, with the quantity varying based on where you live. The minimum will appear on your order page after you add an item to the virtual cart. Personally, we could do without this stipulation as sometimes we just want to order one inexpensive item.

If your order is small in size, it will typically ship in an envelope, while a larger order ships in a package. For delivery in the Netherlands, Azarius uses PostNL, which is the leading provider of parcels, and Azarius partners with DHL for orders elsewhere. Both delivery companies have good reputations.

Delivery is fast; orders typically ship from the Netherlands warehouse within one business day. Plus, packages are 100 percent insured for EU countries, Switzerland, and the U.S. When your order leaves the warehouse, you will always get a tracking number too so that you know where your item is at all times. These features reveal how Azarius goes above and beyond for its customer base.

Customer Service at Azarius

There are close to 5,000 consumer reviews at Azarius.net, with an overall rating of 9.1 out of 10. This high rating is impressive.

Many of the public reviews at Facebook and Azarius.net are by customers expressing how helpful the customer service team is and the fast speed of the company’s email responses. Reviewers also write favorably of the speedy delivery of their packages and quality of products received.

Another important element of their customer service is how easy it is to contact the company. Azarius offers many ways to reach them, including phone, fax, email, online contact form, and social media. Their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are all up to date, unlike some other head shops, so you are likely to receive a message back if you reach out to the team via those channels. The company does their best to answer all emails within one business day.

The customer service team is active Monday through Friday. They support many languages too; you can converse with them in English, German, French, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Final Thoughts on Azarius

After conducting our review, we strongly believe that Azarius is the best choice for people living in EU countries. Shipping is fast as well as discrete, and all items, from bongs to marijuana scales, are tested before being added to their inventory. Plus, if you live in this part of the world, you can also order fresh products from the smartshop and seedshop, which makes for a powerful combination for any cannabis enthusiast in 2018.

While Azarius has higher pricing on some items than other headshops, seedshops, and smartshops, they have many great points that make up for it. The company is trustworthy, given that they ship when they say they will, and you get what you pay for, as well as receiving excellent customer service. In other words, the quality of what you receive is high, time and time again. Plus, the inventory is huge and diverse. For all of these reasons, we recommend Azarius.
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