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HerbScales.com Review 2018

In our quest to find the best e-shop for weed scales in 2018, we reviewed Herbscales, a popular online retailer that devotes its entire inventory to scales.

When you want a new cannabis scale, a genuine review can be an invaluable tool for finding a precise and accurate that also fits within your budget. In our quest to find the best e-shop for weed scales in 2018, we reviewed Herbscales, a popular online retailer that devotes its entire inventory to scales, rather than just a portion of its product selection (Like other Online Headshops). Find out below whether the marijuana scales shop is the right place to buy your next cannabis scale.
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About the Company

The company concept began when entrepreneur Chad Elliot realized that the big demand for quality herb scales was not being fully met by the cheaply-made models that saturated the market. Elliot had had his own bad experience with digital herb scales; he was reselling the scales for profit on eBay, only to find out that the products were not well made and broke soon after being shipped to consumers. When he had to reimburse consumers for the money they spent on the faulty items, he vowed to have better business experiences from that point onward.

Shortly thereafter, Elliot began collecting well-made weed scales to sell online. He launched Herbscales online shop in 2007. Today, he remains the company owner and operator. Herbscales is based in Portland, ME, United States and is an eCommerce leader in digital scales in 2018.

Why is a Quality Weed Scale Important?

For a cannabis enthusiast, a good scale is very important. The weighing apparatus helps ensure that you buy the correct amount of weed and is also helpful for gifting a friend a specific amount. It comes in handy for determining your grow yield too.

The best digital scale for you has the sensitivity and capacity you require. For example, a scale that is “100g x 0.01g” means that it registers the biggest weight of 100 grams and the smallest weight of 0.01 grams with accuracy. If you do not plan to weigh such a small quantity of weed, then you might select a different scale that weighs down to 0.1 grams. It all depends on your needs.

A good scale should come from a reliable supplier too, so that you have confidence in both the quality of the item and the company’s ability to ship to you as promised. While eBay sells a variety of scales, many of them are cheaply made in China and can take weeks to arrive at your doorstep. As these weighing devices are poorly constructed, they typically have a short lifespan, and you will probably have little luck returning them, which means you are out the money spent on them. Obviously, this situation is not optimal.

Instead, Herbscales may be a better option for buying your next marijuana scale. In the next part of this 2018 review, we assess the shop selection.

Types of Weed Scales at Herbscales.com

Herbscales.com has a wide range of scales for medical and recreational use. They specialize in digital scales, with the best one for you being the one that meets your needs and personal preferences. The types of digital scales available at the shop are:

Pocket Scales

Pocket scales are bestsellers at Herbscales. You will find many kinds of the portable units at the e-shop, which is likely more than a sketchy gas station would carry.

The pocket scales at Herbscales look modern and meet or exceed industry standards; the company never carries anything that will not meet these specifications, which gives you confidence in scale accuracy and dependability. Also reassuring is that Herbscales specializes in scales designed just for herbs, rather than selling food scales or postage scales that you would find on the shelves of Walmart, Staples, or Office Depot.

One particular powerful yet small scale at Herbscales is the Alpine Pro Pocket Weed Scale, which accurately measures buds from 0.1g-500g or 0.01g-200g with the milligram version. The Mini 600 and other weed scales at the e-shop include the batteries unless otherwise noted on the individual product page.

Stealth Scales

The stealth weed scales are designed to be incognito while still providing precise measurements. The most popular stealth model at Herbscales is the Stealth CD Weed Scale; it is disguised as a CD-ROM and measures within 0.1 of a gram.

A cool feature of the CD Scale is that you can select the cover for the mock-CD case, according to the type of music you like, so that it won’t appear out of place in your home or elsewhere. Batteries come with the stealth scales unless otherwise noted on the product page.

Milligram Scales

For a digital scale that accurately weighs very small quantities, like 0.01 grams, a milligram or powder scale is a good choice. Thankfully, Herbscales carries this kind of scale; their best selling model is the Mili 2.0 Milligram Scale, which weighs 0.01g-20g, has a removable expansion tray, and includes a hard carrying case for ease of travel.

Medium-Large Scales

Medium-Large platform scales, also known as tabletop scales, offer the big weighing platform that pocket scales (and most stealth scales) cannot provide users, while still proving high accuracy, even for amounts as small as 0.1 grams. Looking at the Herbscales selection, there are scales that can weigh cannabis up to a maximum of 10,000 grams, which is impressive.

Most of the medium-large tabletop scales available at Herbscales can weigh between 500 grams and 3,000 grams. Some of the models come with expansion bowls to make it easier to weigh loose items. All but one of the medium-large scales comes with batteries included for your convenience.

Large / Dispensary Scales

The e-shop carries only one brand of dispensary scale, called The NTEP 1200 Dispensary Scale. It accurately weighs quantities from 0.01g-1200g, which is a huge range. This scale meets the requirements for a medical weed dispensary for a Class I or Class II scale with display readability of at least 0.01g. It provides an accurate reading in under a second and includes a five-year warranty.

Given that dispensaries cannot operate efficiently or legally with cheap, imprecise scales, the NTEP 1200 scale is made to fill a medical marijuana dispensary’s weighing needs. It would be nice though if Herbscales offered more than one type of dispensary scale.

NTEP 1200 Dispensary Scale
Large Weed Scales

Cannabis Scale Accessories at Herbscales

In addition to these cannabis scales, Herbscales also offers the following related accessories:

Calibration Weights at Herbscales

Over time, as you use your digital scale, you will need to recalibrate it. Therefore, it is best to buy calibration weights at the same time you order a scale. Each scale product page shows the exact calibration weight necessary to use for it so that you can easily choose the correct weight.

Individual weights at Herbscales come in 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, and 2000 grams. These are the most popular weights. Alternatively, you can purchase a Calibration Weight Kit that includes assorted gram and milligram weights. Between the two options, you will likely find the calibration weights you need at Herbscales.


With digital scales, you depend on batteries to keep them running strong. There is a range of rechargeable batteries at Herbscales, including A and 9(V). Rechargeable batteries are not only better for the environment than non-chargeable but also save you money in the long run. We like that the scale accessories are available at the same online location at the scales for an easy all-in-one shopping experience.

Smell Proof Baggies

While the 2018 selection of baggies and stash jars is not as diverse as the scales, it is still decent. Herbscales carries smell proof and design baggies; you will find everything from basic to camo-printed baggies there. Use the bags to carry your weed on the go without worrying about losing any of it. The smell proof bags keep odors from escaping, so your business stays private.

Stash Jars

With stash jars, your herbs stay fresher longer, so you won’t have to deal with overly-dry buds. There is no risk of crushing your marijuana accidently either, unlike when you use baggies. While stash jars are not the Herbscales focus (their specialty is weed scales, obviously), they do carry several jars of different sizes and with custom designs.

The stash jar designs are baked onto the glass so that they won’t chip or fade over time. We are partial to the 420 Jar, which expresses your love of weed in a classy way.

Quality & Pricing at Herbscales

Every scale bought from Herbscales comes pre-calibrated so that you can start using it right away. When you later have to recalibrate your scale, you can find the appropriate weights at the same shop, which is handy.

Many of the scales come with 10-year manufacturer warranties too, with warranty details on the product pages. Should the scale fall apart within the warranty coverage period, simply send it back to the manufacturer, and they will replace it for you without charge.

However, the chances of having to return a marijuana scale bought at Herbscales is decreased by the three-stage inspection process that every scale undergoes before becoming part of their inventory. The stages are quality, accuracy, and reliability.

In writing this review of Herbscales, we quickly realized that we were not dealing with the cheapest scales online, unlike at some headshops. Instead, Herbscales operates on the premise that if you pay more for a cannabis scale, then you deserve to get better features on it.

That is not to say that the prices are exorbitant. In fact, the scales and related accessories are reasonably priced. As the company explains on their website, they try to maintain the lowest overhead prices possible to pass on the savings to their consumers. For this reason, they do not have a brick-and-mortar location in addition to the online shop and maintain a small team.

Value is great too given that orders include free herb baggies and free shipping. Discounts and Promos provide even more savings for consumers.

Herbscales.com Payment Methods & Shop Security

Herbscales accepts PayPal and major credit cards as payment methods. MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, and American Express are all credit cards you can use at the shop.

When you place your order online, take comfort in knowing you are doing so on a highly-secure website. For example, the personal information you submit when placing your online order is stored on protected servers.

Also, payment info is processed off-site through PayPal’s encryption service. All details relating to the payment are encoded through SSL or Secure Sockets Layer software for a very secure shopping experience.

Herbscales Shipping Information

Our 2018 review would be incomplete without including a discussion on shipping. An advantage of buying weed scales through Herbscales as opposed to alternative e-shops is that Herbscales offers free shipping on every single order, regardless of the order size, and not just for U.S.-based customers either.

They ship within the same business day too, whenever possible, or the next business day. Typically orders arrive within five to ten business days. Rush shipping is available, as well, and you can request a tracking number if you want to keep an eye on your package from the moment it leaves the warehouse in Maine.

Herbscales ships worldwide, unlike some headshops that only ship to certain countries. Within the US, the courier is USPS, which is a well-recognized company with a trustworthy reputation. International packages start with USPS and then transfer to a local company to complete the delivery.

Discrete packaging is the default option for all orders. Your package arrives in a plain brown box with discreet shipping info on it, so no one knows what you have ordered.

Customer Service at Herbscales

There are multiple ways to contact the company, including email, phone, and snail mail. Given that Herbscales has not posted anything on its Facebook or Twitter pages recently, social media is likely not a great way to contact them in 2018 (at least not if you want a response anytime soon).

Part of good customer service is offering bonus items for customers, which Herbscales does with the free baggies available with some orders. They also explain on their website to simply email them to request a free sample pack of ten assorted baggies and just pay for the related postage.

To maintain good customer service, Herbscales has a satisfaction guarantee. Return anything within 365 days for a complete refund if you are not totally satisfied with it. The company will even cover the shipping costs of returning the scale or other product. A 365-day return policy is significantly longer than a lot of head shops.

Concluding Thoughts – Herbscales Review 2018

Our 2018 review of Herbscales has covered every part of this scales shop, from its product quality to selection, prices, shipping, and reputation. Given the depth of our analysis, we feel confident in our conclusion that the cannabis-related store is both reputable and dependable.

Herbscales has a large selection of digital cannabis scales; they carry all of the popular sizes, from pocket scales to large scales, and even have stealth options. The scales have been calibrated and tested for accuracy before even being carried by the company.

Plus, the company has competitive prices, free shipping, promotions and discounts, and global delivery. Herbscales.com is secure, and orders reach customers in as little as five business days. These characteristics are all commendable and together justify why we genuinely recommend Herbscales as a quality place to buy digital weed scales.
Shop Online: HerbScales.com Online Shop.
Quick Links – HerbScales.com Main Pages:HerbScales.com HomepagePocket Weed ScalesStealth Weed ScalesLarge Weed ScalesMilligram Weed ScalesDispensary Weed ScalesCalibration WeightsWeed Stash JarsHerbScales.com FAQShipping InformationDiscreet Packaging FAQHerbScales Special Offers

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