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What Is Industrial Hemp

Cannabis Confusion: What Is Industrial Hemp? What is hemp? While marijuana really is a wonder weed, it’s important not to ignore its non-psychoactive cousin in the cannabis plant world: hemp. What is hemp? Well, it’s a variation of the cannabis sativa species of plants. It’s one of the earliest domesticated plants in human history, and […]

What is Cannabis Sativa

Your Guide to Cannabis Sativa and the “Head High” Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About This Energy-Boosting Cannabis Species. If you walk into any weed shop and talk to the budtender about the kind of high you’d like. They’re likely to suggest specific strains to you based on whether or not those strains are […]

What is Cannabis Indica

What is Cannabis Indica, The Sleepy Strains of Weed From Couch-Lock to Pain Relief, How Indica Helps People Chill Out and Feel Better. Puff, puff, pass. But what kind of weed are you smoking? You may not realize that how you feel when you light up is dependent on what sub-species of weed is rolled […]

420: Do You Really Know What It Means?

420: Do You Really Know What It Means? 420: The Symbolism, Origin, and Legend Behind the Number That’s Known Worldwide. 420. In the world of weed, these three numbers hold a lot of meaning. Whether it’s simply 420, 4:20 as a time of the day, or the date 4/20 each year, 420 is sacred to […]

Wax, Shatter, and Dabs: A BHO Primer

Wax, Shatter, and Dabs: What is BHO and Why is It So Controversial? Cannabis extracts and concentrates provide a way to harness the power of weed in its most intense form. BHO, or butane hash oil, is one of the cannabis concentrates that people enjoy because of its potent punch. What is BHO? Let’s get […]

What is THC and How Does It Work?

What is THC and How Does It Work? How Much Do You Know About THC? We Explore the History and Science Behind the Most Well-Known Active Ingredient in Cannabis. You’d be hard-pressed to find a place in the world where people aren’t enjoying the benefits of cannabis in one form or another. A guy gets […]

Sativa vs Indica : How Do They Differ?

Sativa vs Indica : How Do They Differ? Indica and sativa differ in more ways than they are similar. Find out the unique characteristics of these two types of cannabis to gain insight into how best to grow, cultivate, and consume the plant. The two major types or “classifications” of cannabis are indica and sativa, […]

7 Surprising Facts about Marijuana

7 Surprising Facts about Marijuana You Probably Didn’t Know These facts about cannabis are likely to intrigue and shock you. Get high on truths about the history of weed, differences between male and female marijuana use, and more. If you’re looking to get high on knowledge in addition to a weed-related high, then you’ve come […]