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Marijuana Tourism in Uruguay

Marijuana Tourism in Uruguay You Can’t Buy It, But You Can Legally Score Some. Here’s How. February 2, 2017 When traveling in South America, many cannabis enthusiasts head towards Uruguay. Its name means “river of the colorful birds”, and what better imagery to ponder as you relax and lose yourself on a cloud of gloriously […]

Cannabis Tourism in Australia

Cannabis Tourism in Australia: How to Roll it up While Down Under Although Recreational Weed Isn’t Legal in Australia, Cannabis Tourism in the Country is Alive and Thriving. February 1, 2017 Every year, tourists flock to Australia to experience its soaring mountains, dazzling coastlines and adventure through its rain forests. Snorkeling and diving in the […]

Cannabis in Colorado: Tourist Guide

Cannabis in Colorado: A Guide for the Marijuana Tourist Legalized pot in Colorado has brought a flood of Cannabis Tourism to the state. Here’s our guide of where to stay and what to do while you’re there. January 24, 2017 Colorado – land of soaring mountains, crystalline lakes, rushing rivers, and legal recreational marijuana. When […]

Cannabis Tourism in Spain

Cannabis Tourism in Spain: Is Barcelona Really The New Amsterdam? Since it’s illegal to sell marijuana in Spain, cannabis clubs have worked around the law by having people sign up as “members”, rather than shop as “customers”. Each club charges its members a fee to join. January 24, 2017 When people talk about European cannabis […]