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The Best Weed Grinders in 2018: Buyer’s Guide

The ultimate guide to choosing the best dry herb or weed grinders to buy for your lifestyle, including the best grinders made from wood, metal, and acrylic, as well as two, three, and four-part models.

If you have not yet incorporated a weed grinder into your process, you are missing out on a lot of advantages, including saving time and effort. But with so many kinds of dry herb grinders available, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy for your home or use on the go. Use this resource to determine the best cannabis grinder for your needs and the best headshop to buy from.

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Why Buy a Weed Grinder?

The ultimate reason is convenience.
Grinders for weed or any other herb are designed to grind the substance finely and easily for you to then consume it. Perhaps you want to break down cannabis leaves, buds, or tobacco. Whatever your type of dry herb, these tools make breaking up the substance easier and less time intensive than many other techniques, such as crushing it with your hands, so that you get to enjoy the substance sooner.

Plus, the best weed grinders in 2018 contain the technology to break the herbs down uniformly to make for a stress-free rolling experience and a smooth smoke afterward. The smoke is excellent because the herb burns slower and more even than if you ground the herb with your fingers and scissors. If you are vaping, hot air passes freely through the ground pot, while the flame goes evenly through the joint you smoke after grinding and rolling it.

All of this is done relatively simply with your chosen grinder, simply with a few turns of the specialized tool. The teeth or pegs within the grinder do the work. Essentially, the two halves of the grinder have teeth, and when you rotate the halves, this activity cuts the herbs within into small pieces.

Interestingly, weed grinders get little attention in the media, in comparison to bongs, for example, even though weed grinders are being used daily around the globe. So, while you do not have to have a grinder, it saves you laboring away with your fingers and scissors to cut up buds, as well ensuring the herbs are evenly ground for better consumption.

The Best Weed Grinders in 2018 (Page Summary):

So Many Marijuana Grinders, What Should I Buy and Where?

But, while the decision to purchase a weed grinder makes sense, the number of options available can seem overwhelming to a consumer, which makes the best grinders difficult to find in 2018. For example, there are wood, acrylic, and metal grinders, many of them with kief catchers, that are in two, three, and four-piece designs.

We recommend Rolling Paper Depot (RPD) for buying reliable weed grinders online that are good value. Located in Tempe, Arizona, RPD specializes in quality Roll Your Own products. The company accepts credit cards, and nearly every grinder is in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours (next business day). Rolling Paper Depot ships to several countries; they ship to the United States and Canada, as well as to Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The Best Four-Piece Weed Grinders

A four-piece herb grinder has three chambers and is considered the best by people who swear it is the most efficient of all the kinds and perfect for home use. High efficiency means cost savings as less cannabis is necessary to get the desired results through smoking or another consumption method.

A great example of this kind of device is the Phoenician 4 Piece Grinder. It features the Phoenician signature Fast Lock System and has diametric teeth for an enhanced grind. Plus, the lobe gripping system makes for a stable hold as you crush the marijuana within it. The four-piece grinder is made of very strong aerospace aluminum and is medical grade; it is excellent for medical use and comes sterilized in a bag.

Pick from three sizes, depending on your needs. The small 4pc Phoenician grinder, for example, measures 1.855 inches in diameter and 2.225 inches in height. It has a weight of 4.4oz, making it a lightweight, travel-friendly option if you are often on the go. The medium and large grinders have the same height as the small version but the medium size has a 2.470-inch diameter, and the large one has a 3.225-inch diameter.

Each size of the 4-piece Phoenician grinders is available in ten colors and has a lifetime warranty. The large model has two lid options; first is the basic flat lid and second is the combo lid of an ashtray with rolling paper dispenser.

Some weed lovers have a portable grinder for traveling and a medium- or large-sized four-piece kind for home use. While a four-part tool is usually more expensive than the one- or two-compartment kind, it provides a better grind and makes the job easier too. You will also get to the ground marijuana sooner, of course. A disadvantage though is that there is usually more mess and cleaning involved with having more compartments.
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The Best Four-Piece Weed Grinders in 2018:

The Best Three-Piece Weed Grinders

For home use, many marijuana connoisseurs in 2018 swear by three-piece weed grinders. These users may pass on two-piece containers because they cannot separate any kief, which means pollen is being wasted. With a three-part grinder, one piece is for grinding, a second for filtering, and a third for collection. The durability of this type of design is high, and a good one will break up buds well. But they can be on the higher end of your budget so you may need to save before buying one. They can come small in size, though, which is great if you are on the go.

A great three-piece grinder is likely to be an aluminum crushing machine featuring prongs that cut herbs finely with less laborious effort. Its parts fit securely together, and the body is made of durable anodized aluminum. Look for one that is efficient, easy clean, and a cinch to empty the tasty contents too. RAW 3 Piece Whole Leaf Weed Grinder is highly recommended.

Many of the three-chamber grinders have a special screen that captures kief or trichomes, without letting plant material pass through the miniature holes in the screen. Then the owner can later collect the kief and smoke or use it in another way (although only trace amounts collect each time the grinder is used, so it is best to let the kief accumulate over several times grinding).
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The Best Two-Piece Weed Grinders

Two-piece weed grinders are typically cheaper than three or four-part models, and more basic too. The two-piece version can come in a range of sizes, from a 1.5inch-diameter size to upwards of 3.75inch diameter. It features two moveable parts, including a solitary chamber for collecting the ground weed, which you then tap out onto a tray or paper. From there it’s all up to you as to how you want to consume the pot, whether it be joints, bongs, or bowls.

Select one that will last you through many rounds of grinding, such as the Phoenician 2 Piece Weed Grinder made from 6062-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum. It comes in three sizes and ten colors. The small size is 1.855 inches in diameter by 1-inch high; the medium grinder has a 2.470 diameter and 1-inch height; the large model is 3.225 inches in diameter by 1 inch in height.

This two-part grinding machine chops herbs evenly and efficiently with the innovative Fast Lock System that reduces friction and eliminates threading. The Phoenician even has a no-slip grip to provide for ease of use, no matter where you hold it, and comes with a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer (just make sure you register the grinder to qualify for the warranty).

An obvious upside of a two-compartment grinder is that is simple to use and clean. The two-piece variety is also great for taking on the go if you purchase a compact design.
Buy Online: 2-Piece Weed Grinders 2018 Catalog.

The Best Two-Piece Weed Grinders in 2018:

Shape & Size

As for the shape, the most popular style you will likely see is circular. The round shape suits the circular movement required for grinding well. A disadvantage though is that it can become clogged with use. Also, if sticky bud residue is put through it frequently, the twisting motion can become more difficult. Thankfully, most weed grinders are simple to clean. If the tool starts to squeak, it is a sign that cleaning is necessary; it is wise to do so that the grinding plates will work optimally.

If a novelty herb grinder interests you instead, they are available too online. A few examples are bullet-shaped, king skull, and smiley face grinders. There are even pink grinders, which are specially made to appeal to women. Some high-end grinders have ergonomic designs and special grips that help medical users who have troubles with coordinated hand and finger movements. Marijuana grinders are available in many sizes too.

For someone traveling often, a small 4-piece grinder like the Space Case Pocket 4-Piece Grinder is great as it can fit into a backpack easier than a countertop kind. For home use, though, look for an effective grinder like The Large RAW 4-Piece Grinder. It will completely shred your weed, thanks to the notch-tooth design and edge bumps. The grinding machine is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy to stand up to frequent use and has a strength of 18,000 PSI. It even includes a PTFE washer so you can grind exactly how you want to, every time.

The Large RAW 4-Piece Grinder is made of aerospace grade aluminum, which is shatter-proof, and the lid stays closed tight with its neodymium magnet while you’re on the go. A pollen catcher is included, as is a lifetime warranty on the blades that uniformly cut your weed day after day.

However, The large 4-piece shredder is ideal for frequent users or if you hold a pot collective for a group because it will save you time and effort when you grind large quantities of weed over and over. A large model can be more expensive than a travel size, but it is up to you whether the monetary investment is worth the savings of time and labor.

Types of Dry Herb Grinders: Wood, Acrylic, or Metal?

At this point, you are likely wondering, what is the difference between grinders and which one is optimal? Obviously just one brand or kind can’t fit everyone’s lifestyle, preferences, or needs. With that in mind, here are the three standard materials of dry herb grinders on the market; learning the pros and cons of wood, acrylic, and metal grinders can help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Wood Weed Grinders

A wooden grinder is typically carved, which gives it an attractive and unique appearance. This type of dry herb grinder is usually only one compartment, due to the intense workmanship. The primary value of the wooden herb grinder is its beautiful exterior.

Before buying the tool, look at the inside, if possible, to ensure the wood is raw rather than finished with paint or varnish. An unfinished wood compartment eliminates the risk of flakes of the finishing material getting into your weed, so err on the safe side and look for a raw wood interior. When ordering a wooden grinder, also check the quality of the teeth as some mills simply feature a bed of nails.

A limitation of many wooden grinders, though, despite their usefulness, is that they do not typically have a kief net. If you want to collect the fine crystals known as kief that result from several rounds of grinding, looking at other options than wood is in your best interests. Otherwise, you will miss out on these highly-potent tiny crystals.

Another disadvantage of wood is that it can be difficult to clean, particularly when it becomes scratched with use, which can cause bacteria to grow within the scrapes. The taste and quality of the buds can then become compromised.

The last drawback of wood grinders is that they can wear out with use over time. That being said, they often last longer than acrylic. Metal weed grinders, however, tend to last the longest of the three types. For the occasional user of cannabis grinders, though, the wood material may suffice.

Acrylic Weed Grinders

If your only requirement for a marijuana grinder is its affordability, then you will like the low-cost price point of plastic acrylic. But finding acrylic grinders with kief catchers can be tricky, which means the kief is being wasted.

Another reason some people warn against acrylic is that this type of grinder tends to be less sturdy than the wood or metal varieties, which means a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, if you want a disposable acrylic grinder that you can toss within a few months, you will be satisfied with acrylic.

Unfortunately, though, the acrylic material may crack if you accidently drop the grinder and the teeth may break if you try to grind a harder substance like peppercorns. As with the wood variety, plastic is also vulnerable to scratching, with bacteria possibly growing within it, reducing the quality of the ground material. So, if a longer-lasting grinder that you get accustomed to using to crush your herbs fine is more to your liking, then you probably will prefer to buy metal or wood instead.

An acrylic grinder‘s teeth will also not give you great fluff because plastic teeth shapes are limited in shape, which means that the herb is often not ground evenly. The teeth can become dull with frequent use too.

Perhaps the biggest criticism of acrylic crushing machines is that you take the risk of acrylic getting into the herb, which is unsafe if you later consume the substance as it may cause cancer. To avoid contaminating the weed, a metal grinder is often chosen instead.

If you insist on buying acrylic weed grinder, ensure that the plastic material is safe first. This information is usually available by contacting the manufacturer directly. Or, you might look at buying a metal cannabis grinder in its place.

Metal Weed Grinders

The metal weed grinder is often thought to be the best variety. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, with or without a kief catcher. The aluminum grinders typically look classy and modern in appearance.

The metal kind is very durable, particularly when the teeth within it is made from anodized aluminum, which means no breaking of the teeth. Also, anodized aluminum is resistant to peeling and wear as you use it over and over again. These are just two reasons why many people choose to buy metal herb grinders over wood or acrylic, even though metal is typically the pricier of the three styles.

The metal that most grinders are made of is aluminum, with smaller percentages of metal grinders being stainless steel and titanium-coated.

Many manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties on metal marijuana grinders as they are so confident in the long-lasting quality of them. Metal herb grinders are also considered simpler to clean than acrylic or wood.

Do not worry that these metals are not safe, despite rumors of health hazards if metal shavings get left in your grinder. This claim is false as a regular lighter cannot melt the metal, and you will never inhale shards of metal in your herb. Consider this example: when you use a metal knife to cut your food, do you worry that metal will stay behind in your food? No. The amount of metal left by the knife is tiny and harmless. The same holds true for a metal type of grinder, which makes it a safe consumer choice. Simply wash the aluminum or titanium dry herb grinder before you use it the first time to be safe.

With use, you will likely appreciate the weight of a good metal weed grinder too because it is not flimsy but instead stable and reliable. Some pot lovers also appreciate the cold sensation of the metal against their hands as they grind the marijuana.

Kief Catchers

Weed grinders can have a kief catcher (or not). Herb grinders can collect small quantities of kief in a special bottom partition. This slot is known as a kief catcher or kief net; the chamber is separated from the rest of the device via a screen; only the small crystals fall through the tiny holes in the net. In this manner, the pollen is separated from the rest of the ground marijuana. For some people, the kief net is a must-have feature as its absence results in kief being wasted.

For cannabis users, whether to kief or not is a personal decision. Usually, kief is between 30 to 60 percent THC so that it can be not only very appetizing but also highly potent with its high THC levels. When deciding which weed grinder to buy, getting a grinder with a kief catcher may be vital for you. In this case, pay attention to the quality of the cannabis plant too as the better the crop, the better the kief that comes from it.

To collect as much kief as you can, some grinding enthusiasts recommend using the following tip. Put a coin on the screen of the kief chamber and gently shake the grinder from one side to the other. Notice that more kief falls below due to the weight of the coin. This technique enables you to get the most crystals possible.

When you want to remove the kief screen, gently twist off the two parts until they come apart. You will then see the kief compartment, which is hopefully full of kief. Sprinkling a bit of the substance over your joint or bong can create the THC punch that you are seeking lately.


Several cannabis grinders use magnets as part of ensuring the lid goes on tightly. For grinding on the go, buying one with magnets is imperative so that the lid stays on while traveling with fresh weed or other herbs. Then you can place the grinder in your pocket, purse, or elsewhere with the assurance that nothing will escape from inside it accidently. Neodymium is the most forceful type of magnet available in 2018 for this use.
Teeth or Pegs

Open up the grinder to see the teeth or pegs. The teeth can be curved, sharp, or beveled. For example, there are diamond-shaped teeth, which accurately cut the buds without ruining the flowers like round pegs might do. Incidentally, many pot enthusiasts in 2018 prefer teeth over pegs, citing the latter as prone to being covered by plant material.

The teeth design of a good weed grinder is such that the cannabis is cut well or, in other words, not shredded, and uniformly. For someone with manual dexterity issues, being able to achieve such an even cut would likely not be possible without a quality pot grinder.

Many pot users swear by the razor sharp diamond-shaped teeth of metal grinders, which will not break and provide superior shredding. Regarding the material of the teeth, anodized aluminum teeth are very strong, making them less likely to break.

Electric or Rotary Crank

For someone experiencing pain in the hands and wrists, an electric weed grinder is a great option because it requires only a press of a button to activate it. There is no turning of a handle with the hands, unlike with a rotary crank design. With a rotary crank grinder, you twist the external handle to rotate internal cranks in opposite directions to cut the weed.

Some people may prefer an electric weed grinder over a manual one because it takes less work or has a more high-tech and modern appearance. The grinding step is done in mere seconds too. Also, an electric grinder enables you to achieve high-accuracy grinding with button pushing; you can choose from coarse or ground, as well as a fine powder. They can be compact or bigger in size.

Concluding Thoughts on Buying Weed Grinders

When looking for the best weed grinder in 2018, often the intent is to use it to break down tobacco or cannabis. The discussion usually revolves around which grinder is the best, although this attribute is personal and depends on the intention for the herb, such as smoking or vaping it. A fine grind, for example, is better for a person who vapes because it increases potency, no matter which instrument is used for the vaping. The reason is the increased contact with the air of the trichomes of cannabis.

To get the best results, break the cannabis flowers into shards and disperse the buds evenly across the grinder teeth, rather than placing them all at the center. Avoid filling the top chamber to the brim as doing so will result in less of a fine grain than using a smaller amount every time. Grinding or spinning the lid may take anywhere from five to ten times to fully crush the weed; you will know that the grinding is done when the twisting motion has less resistance than it did at the first turn.

Even the stickiest buds are not defeated by the premium weed grinders. A toke is much smoother with ground weed than simply putting a small bud into a spoon to smoke it. The latter beatnik method is not advisable though as it can char bits of the weed, negatively affecting the flavor.

Weed grinders come in different materials (wood, acrylic, or metal), and vary by the number of parts (two, three, or four). They can kief catchers or not and have a range of sizes and shapes. Factors that will help you decide which marijuana grinder to buy, given the many types available, include your budget, whether you want to collect kief or not, durability, the accuracy of grinding, and level of safety.

Once you determine the must-have features for you, read online consumer reviews and talk to people you know about which type of grinder they prefer and why. Also, take into consideration the reputation of the brand. If you can try out different grinders of friends, that is even more helpful as then you can get an idea of which kind you prefer for design, appearance, and functionality. Ideally, choose one that is easy to use and clean. Get recommendations and decide how well they align with your lifestyle to determine which herb grinder is best for you.
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The Best Weed Grinders in 2018 (Page Summary):

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