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Crop King Seeds Review 2018

Everything the smart consumer needs to know about the Canadian seed bank, Crop King Seeds. We review their reputation, customer service, strain selection, discounts / promotions, and more, so you can make an informed choice.

Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank with a unique history. The company originally started in the early 2000’s, but had to close up shop in 2005 due to the uncertain future of Canadian cannabis laws. After a long hiatus, Crop King Seeds cropped up again, this time in the US, where a few states like Colorado and Washington had recently voted to legalize cannabis. From there, the business grew and grew until the Canadian climate was ready to welcome them back again with open arms. In the early part of 2013, Crop King Seeds returned home and put down roots at their first physical storefront in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Since then, the team at Crop King Seeds has been dedicated to growing their business by offering unparalleled product, top tier customer service, and constant innovation in the marijuana industry. Now, in 2018, this Canadian seed bank has climbed to the top of the pack. Read on for our full review of this unique seed bank!
Reputation 10/10Customer Service 10/10Shipping Range 10/10Stealth Shipping 9/10Seeds Quality 10/10Seed Selection 8/10Payment Methods 10/10Overall 9.6/10Seed Breeder Based in Vancouver, CanadaMore than 30 Cannabis StrainsShipping Worldwide, Stealth PackagingCredit Cards, Bitcoin, and PayPalQuick Links – Crop King Seeds Online Seed Shop:Crop King Seeds HomepageRegular Cannabis SeedsFeminized Cannabis SeedsAutoflower-Fem SeedsHigh CBD / Medical SeedsMix and Match Seed PacksCrop King Seeds THC ChartCrop King Seeds CBD ChartCrop King Media PublicationsFAQ & Shipping InformationGermination Guarantee InfoCrop King Special Offers

Crop King Seeds Reputation

Crop King Seeds is widely regarded as one of the top seed banks in the industry. They consistently deliver quality products in a professional manner, and it’s obvious that they really do care about the satisfaction of their customers. They even have their own customer guarantee which states that they will always stand by their product, since their seeds are hand picked, inspected, and tested to ensure that they are mature and viable. They also have a shipping guarantee that ensures your order will get to you, or else they’ll resend the seeds until it does. That alone is reason enough for a good review. These extensive guarantees are definitely not the norm in the industry, and it just goes to show that the people at Crop King Seeds are always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for their customers.

They also have more than 100 physical storefronts selling their seeds across Canada in 2018. That is an impressive feat in the world of online seedbanks! In reality, Crop King Seeds is in a different category from most other seed banks that sell almost exclusively through their websites. Crop King Seeds is very much an established business with real people behind it that you can meet face to face. That is a rarity in this industry. They were actually an established retail shop before they made the transition to online selling! Crop King Seeds proudly sells their product all over Canada, and people eagerly buy it from all over the world, so we highly recommend them as a seedbank and source for all your growing needs.

Overall, we think Crop King Seeds is a great place to buy your seeds with the peace of mind that your order will be delivered to you in a timely manner and the seeds will be as expected, or even better!

Crop King Seed Selection

The selection at Crop King Seeds encompasses a good variety of different strains and seed types. They have more than 30 different strains available currently (as of 2018), all of which they have cultivated themselves. Many of these are original strains that have been bred exclusively by Crop King Seeds, which you can’t get anywhere else. Crop King sells seeds in a variety of categories, including regular, feminized, auto-flower feminized, dwarf auto-flower feminized, medical / high CBD, and a few mix and match packs. You can search through all the strains by seed type, which is a handy feature when you’re looking for something specific. Some of their most renowned strains include Blueberry, Afghani, Dark Angel, Purple Kush, White Cookies, Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Candy Cane, Northern Lights, Amnesia Haze, and Train Wreck. Of course, they also sell a lot more than just those few varieties.

Taking a quick scroll through their product page, you can see that they have a little something for everyone. Whatever it is that you like, you’ll be able to find something that suits you at Crop King Seeds. And on the off chance that you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy, just keep checking back periodically because the grow experts and Crop King are constantly coming up with new strains to offer in their shop- but only after proper testing and quality assurance, of course.

In short, our review of the seed selection at Crop King Seeds is that it may not be quite as extensive as the selection at some other seed banks, but it is well curated. Meaning that while other shops may pad out their listings with seed strains of varying qualities, when you buy from Crop King Seeds, you can be sure that anything you see in their shop is of the very highest quality. Which brings us to our next topic of review:

Product Quality

You’ve probably caught on by now, but we at Cannabis Education have been very impressed by the quality of Crop King Seeds. You will be too, if you try them out for yourself. There’s very little risk involved, since Crop King Seeds offers all of its customers a guaranteed germination rate of 80 percent. How crazy is that? We have never heard of anything quite like this in the cannabis seed industry. Most other seed banks won’t even publish their own germination rates, let alone offer their buyers a guaranteed rate! If you order from Crop King and find that your germination rates aren’t up to snuff, all you need to do is get in contact with any member of their friendly customer service team, and they will send you new seeds to replace the bad ones. This is an unprecedented level of customer service that makes us feel totally confident in recommending Crop King Seeds so highly in this review.

It’s obvious that Crop King Seeds is 100% committed to providing the best possible products to their customer base. If they weren’t, they definitely wouldn’t be offering to replace sub-par seeds at their own cost! This commitment to quality lets their customers buy with confidence, knowing that they’ll always get the best from Crop King.

Shopping Experience

As we have mentioned before, Crop King Seeds is not only an online shop- you can also find their seeds being sold at tons of physical locations throughout Canada. If you live near a Crop King store, or are ever in the area visiting, it could be a cool experience to stop in at one of the retail locations. Especially for those that are used to buying seeds exclusively online, it can be very interesting to be standing in a brick and mortar store, surrounded by all the actual products that you can see, smell, touch, and ask questions about to a knowledgeable sales associate who is right there beside you. It’s definitely an experience worth having if you’re ever in the area.

For those of you outside of Canada, don’t worry! Crop King ships worldwide, so you can buy their seeds from anywhere. The website is well organized and informative, with information on each strain, strong search and filter features, and even guides on how to get started with growing your seeds. There is also a forum where you can chat with other Crop King Seeds customers and ask questions, read reviews, or get advice. If you need more immediate assistance, the website also has a live chat feature that puts you in contact with a knowledgeable sales associate right away. They can help you choose the perfect strains for your needs, right from the comfort of your own home.

Crop King Customer Service

The customer service at Crop King Seeds will absolutely blow you away. They are the driving force behind Crop King’s many generous customer guarantees, including their germination guarantee and their guaranteed delivery. It’s likely you’ll never have to talk to them if you never have a problem, but if something does go wrong with your order, they will be fully dedicated to making it right for you. Just call, email, or chat and you’ll be connected with a real, friendly person who will listen to your issue and find the best solution for you.

In fact, their amazing customer service team is one of the main reasons that Crop King doesn’t work with any other online resellers- they would hate for you to have a bad experience with a reseller’s customer service and have it color your opinion of Crop King Seeds! Plus, since Crop King ships worldwide and accepts a variety of payment options already, there’s not really much reason to go through resellers. Buy directly from Crop King’s website or retail location for stellar customer service and to guarantee that you’ll be receiving genuine Crop King Seeds.

Shipping and Payment Options

Crop King ships worldwide with a few different shipping options. $10 shipping is available to customers in Canada, The United States, Australia, and New Zealand. All other countries are subject to the $30 shipping rate as of 2018. The $30 rate guarantees your delivery, even in cases of government seizure which make up about 5% of orders. If your order is seized, it will be reshipped until it is delivered successfully. Guaranteed delivery to Australia and New Zealand costs $60 and can take up to 3 weeks. Most other international orders will be delivered within two weeks from the date of shipping.

Orders shipping within Canada will be packaged in the original Crop King packaging. International orders will be stealth packaged, with the seeds safely tucked away in random objects like pens, flashlights, or birthday cards.

Crop King Seeds payment methods include PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa, and Mastercard. Interac and E-Transfers are available for Canadian customers only. Although Crop King is a Canadian seed bank, all prices are displayed in US dollars and will be processed in US dollars for any order placed from outside of Canada.

World’s First Weed Commercial

One of Crop King’s most notable and unique accomplishment was making and airing what was quite possibly the world’s first professional cannabis commercial. It is just over a minute long, and features a dramatization of a common argument among marijuana legalization proponents- that alcohol is a more dangerous drug than marijuana, yet it is legal and weed is not. Since this commercial aired in 2014, Crop King Seeds has made several more to complement it, and will likely continue to do so well into the future! For more awesome stuff see Crop King Seeds media publications page.

Crop King Seeds: Final Review

To summarize, Crop King Seeds is a highly trusted, reputable seedbank that stands behind its high quality product. They ship worldwide and accepts many different types of payment. They even guarantee your delivery and favorable germination rates! Really, the only negative thing about Crop King Seeds is their somewhat limited selection, but hopefully that will be remedied as they expand and add more and more strain varieties in the future. It may not be the place to go to try out a ton of new strains, but Crop King will always be a reliable source of high quality seeds when you need to stock up on your favorites or try something that’s guaranteed to grow well.
Quick Links – Crop King Seeds Online Seed Shop:Crop King Seeds HomepageRegular Cannabis SeedsFeminized Cannabis SeedsAutoflower-Fem SeedsHigh CBD / Medical SeedsMix and Match Seed PacksCrop King Seeds THC ChartCrop King Seeds CBD ChartCrop King Media PublicationsFAQ & Shipping InformationGermination Guarantee InfoCrop King Special Offers

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