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The Best Cannabis Seed Banks in 2018

Your guide to choosing a great online marijuana seed shop in 2018 – and avoiding the bad ones!

These days, there are more online cannabis seed banks than ever before. Some are excellent, others are complete scams, and of course, the majority of them fall somewhere in the middle. But how can you know what you’re getting yourself into before you order? Anyone can have an attractive looking website, but that doesn’t mean that the product you receive will be as good- if you even receive anything at all!

Luckily for you, we’ve combed through hundreds of online seed banks and pitted them against each other to come up with a list of the best, most customer-friendly online seed banks out there where you’ll get the highest quality seeds, best customer service, and most bang for your buck.

We examined things like reputation, product quality, seed selection, customer service, stealth shipping methods, shopping experience and even payment types accepted to get an accurate picture of each marijuana seed bank’s strengths and weaknesses. In our in depth reviews, we go over each of these points in detail for every seed bank so that you can see exactly how they each stack up.

The Best Cannabis Seed Banks - Page Summary

#Seed BankShippingPaymentOverall ScoreSpecial Offers
1. Crop King SeedsWorldwidePayPalBitcoinCredit Cards9.6 [Review]• Special Offers
2.MSNLWorldwideBitcoinCredit Cards9.5 [Review]• Special Offers
• Free Seeds
3.SeedsmanWorldwideBitcoinCredit Cards9.2 [Review]• Special Offers
• Free Seeds
4.Ministry of CannabisWorldwideBitcoinCredit Cards9.1 [Review]None
5.Nirvana ShopExcept AUS, ARG & JPNBitcoinCredit Cards8.9 [Review]• Special Offers
6.Sensi SeedsEU Countries OnlyCredit Cards8.7 [Review]None
7.True North Seed BankWorldwideBitcoinCredit Cards7.7 [Review]None

In order to make it on this list, a seed bank has to have proven itself with a sterling record of satisfied customers, offer innovative stealth shipping methods or a guaranteed delivery option, provide a good selection of high quality seeds, and accept payment methods that are convenient for customers. On top of all that, they also need to have friendly customer service staff that are eager to help answer your questions or sort out any problems that you may run into along the way. It’s a tall order, but we managed to find several seed shops that lived up to our high expectations in 2018.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a marijuana seed bank, any one of these shops may work for you. Some are more suited to beginners, while others offer extremely high end products for experienced growers. Try a few to find your favorite, or alternate between several- you can buy with confidence knowing that they all have our official seal of approval. Without any further ado, let’s get to the weed seed banks!

1. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds

First up, we have Crop King Seeds. This Canadian seed bank sells its wares in physical locations throughout Canada, but also has an online shop for international buyers. They are well known in the cannabis seed bank industry, a trusted and established brand, and they have a good reputation among buyers. They are one of the largest seed banks, and one of the few with an extensive network of physical storefronts, which lends them even more credibility.

They offer worldwide stealth shipping with a guaranteed shipping option available for a reasonable price. Customers can pay with credit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin. We were very impressed with the quality of their seeds as well as with the friendliness of their excellent customer service staff!

Reputation 10/10Customer Service 10/10Shipping Range 10/10Stealth Shipping 9/10Seeds Quality 10/10Seed Selection 8/10Payment Methods 10/10Overall 9.6/10

Some of 2018’s most popular strains that you can get at Crop King include Blueberry, Afghani, Dark Angel, Purple Kush, White Cookies, Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Candy Cane, Northern Lights, Amnesia Haze, Train Wreck, and CBDutch Treat. They have a nice selection of more than 30 high quality strains. You should have no problem finding something that you like.
Crop King Strains THC Chart | Crop King Strains CBD Chart

One unique thing about Crop King Seeds is that they offer all of their customers a guaranteed germination rate of 80 percent. If your seeds are subpar, all you need to do is get in touch with one of their customer service representatives, and you’ll be sent new seeds to replace the bad ones. You don’t see that very often!
Full review: Crop King Seeds 2018 Review.

Seed Breeder Based in Vancouver, CanadaMore than 30 Cannabis StrainsShipping Worldwide, Stealth PackagingCredit Cards, Bitcoin, and PayPalQuick Links – Crop King Seeds Online Seed Shop:Crop King Seeds HomepageRegular Cannabis SeedsFeminized Cannabis SeedsAutoflower-Fem SeedsHigh CBD / Medical SeedsMix and Match Seed PacksCrop King Seeds THC ChartCrop King Seeds CBD ChartCrop King Media PublicationsFAQ & Shipping InformationGermination Guarantee InfoCrop King Special Offers

2. Marijuana Seeds NL Seed Bank

MSNL Seed Bank

Despite the “NL” in their name, Marijuana Seeds NL (or MSNL for short) is actually a British seed bank. They have been in business since 1999, so they must be doing something right. In fact, MSNL claims to be the first seed bank to ever sell cannabis seeds online. It makes sense that they’ve had the longest time to perfect their online seed selling platform, because their website is one of the best that we’ve seen. It’s extremely well organized, informative, and easy to use.

Reputation 9.5/10Customer Service 9.5/10Shipping Range 10/10Stealth Shipping 9/10Seeds Quality 10/10Seed Selection 9.5/10Payment Methods 9/10Overall 9.5/10

They’ve also had a lot of time to perfect their strains, which is obvious because they have so many! MSNL offers a huge variety of seeds, particularly for a business that breeds all of their strains themselves.

Some of their best selling cannabis strains are: Girl Scout Cookies, THC Bomb, White LSD, White Widow Max, Blue Dream, NYC Diesel, Blueberry, Blueberry Widow, Big Bud, Golden Nugget, Northern Lights, Sour Grape Kush, Nitro Lemon Haze, and Hash Plant.

MSNL offers stealth worldwide shipping (free shipping for larger orders – see here), accepts Bitcoin payments, and frequently has sales and promotions that give vigilant customers discounts on their orders. Make sure to check their sales and special offers page often if you want to get the best deals on their products, they also give free seeds with every order.
Full review: MSNL Seed Bank 2018 Review.

Seed Breeder Based in London, UKHuge Selection of Cannabis StrainsShipping Worldwide, Stealth PackagingCredit Cards, Bitcoin, Cash & Bank TransferQuick Links – MSNL Online Seed Bank:MSNL Shop HomepageFeminized Cannabis SeedsMSNL Autoflower-Fem SeedsMedical Cannabis SeedsMSNL Shop by Strain TypeMSNL Value Seed PacksMSNL Bulk Cannabis SeedsMSNL Best Selling StrainsMSNL Free Cannabis SeedsMSNL Seed Bank FAQMSNL Shipping InformationMSNL Special Offers

3. Seedsman Seed Bank


Seedsman Seed Bank is probably the biggest online seed bank. They resell a huge variety of seeds from almost every notable seed breeder out there. Seedsman’s selection is one of the widest we’ve ever seen. They also do the best job of striking the tricky balance between keeping stock on hand and ready to ship and delivering the freshest product possible to their customers.

Reputation 9/10Customer Service 8.8/10Shipping Range 10/10Stealth Shipping 9/10Seeds Quality 9/10Seed Selection 10/10Payment Methods 9/10Overall 9.2/10

Seedman Seed Bank is based in the UK and ship worldwide, making them a lifesaver for cannabis enthusiasts who live outside the EU or in places like Australia or Japan, where many seed breeders won’t ship. If your favorite breeder can’t ship to your country, don’t worry- you’ll more than likely be able to find their seeds at Seedsman as their stock is combined of more than 100 seed breeders!

You might think that all those seeds would make for an overwhelming shopping experience, but the Seedsman website has a ton of search features and filters available to narrow down the products to only those that match your criteria.

Once you’ve found what you like, you can pay with Bitcoin (and get 25% off your first Bitcoin order!), bank transfer, cash, check, postal orders, iDeal, Sofort, credit and debit card (including pre-paid Visa) or card payment over the phone. Just be sure to check their promotions & free seeds page first, since they often run promotions that give you discounts and even free seeds!
Full review: Seedsman Seed Bank 2018 Review.

Seed Bank (Resellers), Based in the UKHuge Selection, More Than 100 BreedersShipping Worldwide, Stealth PackagingCredit Cards, Bitcoin & Bank TransferQuick Links – Seedsman Online Seed Bank:Seedsman HomepageSeedsman List of BreedersRegular Cannabis SeedsFeminized Cannabis SeedsAutoflower-Fem SeedsSeedsman Best Selling SeedsCannabis Cup Winners25% Discount with BitcoinPayment InformationShipping InformationSeedsman FAQ PagePromotions & Free Seeds

4. Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry Of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis is a Spanish based seed bank headquartered in Barcelona. They have a good reputation among those in the know as a top tier seed shop. They run displays at many 420 related events across the globe, and it’s refreshing to be able to see the real people behind an online seed bank and talk with them face to face. They take pride in preserving the strong genetics that makes their seeds so high quality, as well as breeding new innovative hybrids.

Reputation 9.5/10Customer Service 10/10Shipping Range 10/10Stealth Shipping 9/10Seeds Quality 9.5/10Seed Selection 6.5/10Payment Methods 9/10Overall 9.1/10

As of 2018, they only have about 20 or so unique strains, but that number is bound to grow in the future. Ministry of Cannabis is very careful not to sell any strains that haven’t been thoroughly tested by them for quality first, so it takes time for new seeds to work their way into the online shop. One of the things that Ministry of Cannabis is known for is its consistency. If you buy seeds from them of a certain strain ten years apart, you’re still going to get the same results or better as you had that first time.

Customer service here is absolutely stellar, and you can reach someone any time of the day or night, since representatives are based in 3 different countries. Worldwide stealth shipping is available, and orders over €75 ship for free. You can pay with Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, bank transfer, moneygram (for orders of €100 or more), or cash mailed directly to the address provided at checkout.
Full review: Ministry of Cannabis 2018 Review.

Seed Breeder, Based in BarcelonaFeminized & Autoflower Cannabis SeedsShipping Worldwide,
Stealth Packaging
Credit Cards, Bitcoin & Bank Transfer
Quick Links – Ministry of Cannabis Online Seed Shop:The Ministry HomepageFeminized Cannabis SeedsAutoflower Cannabis SeedsMixed Seed PacksShipping InformationPayment Information

5. Nirvana Shop

Nirvana Shop

Nirvana Shop is an Amsterdam based seed bank that has a reputation for being particularly beginner-friendly. Almost everyone in the industry has grown Nirvana seeds at some point or another. They sell good seeds at affordable prices and often have sales and promotions that help you get an even better deal.

Reputation 9/10Customer Service 9/10Shipping Range 8.8/10Stealth Shipping 9/10Seeds Quality 9.2/10Seed Selection 8.6/10Payment Methods 9/10Overall 8.9/10

Don’t be surprised if you get a free seed or two with your order. Nirvana stocks many popular strains like AK-48, Hawaii Maui Waui, Ice, Jock Horror, Aurora Indica, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Raspberry Cough, White Widow, and many more. They also have starter bundles available that wrap almost everything you’ll need for your first grow into one convenient package.

Nirvana Shop has friendly customer service agents that are used to handling questions from growers that are just starting out as well as those that are more advanced. There’s also a comprehensive knowledgebase on their website where you can go to find answers to a ton of common questions. They will ship to any country except Australia, Argentina and Japan and accept cash, Bitcoin, credit card, and bank transfer payments. We highly recommend them for beginners who are just starting out, there’s no better place to go for your first grow.
Full review: Nirvana Seeds 2018 Review.

Seed Breeder, Based in AmsterdamGreat Selection of High Quality StrainsExcept Australia, Argentina & JapanCredit Cards, Bitcoin & Bank TransferQuick Links – Nirvana Seeds Online Seed Shop:Nirvana Shop HomepageIndoor Cannabis SeedsOutdoor Cannabis SeedsRegular Cannabis SeedsFeminized Cannabis SeedsAutoflower-Fem SeedsPayment InformationShipping InformationNirvana Shop Special Offers

6. Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is one of the best and most known cannabis seed breeder, and its seeds are sold almost everywhere since 1985. They are based in Amsterdam and have won many cannabis cups with strains like Jack Flash #5, Shiva Skunk, Big Bud, Silver Haze, Northern Lights, Northern Lights #5 X Haze, Jack Herer, and more. Sensi offers an incredible variety of excellent seeds, they are really the cream of the crop when it comes to cannabis seeds.

Their friendly and responsive customer service agents always available to assist you, an easy to use website with robust search tools, and their products simply cannot be beaten. Their only flaw is that they don’t offer worldwide shipping or Bitcoin payments!

Reputation 10/10Customer Service 10/10Shipping Range 5/10Stealth Shipping 8.5/10Seeds Quality 10/10Seed Selection 9.5/10Payment Methods 8/10Overall 8.7/10

Luckily, a variety of resellers recognize the popularity of Sensi Seeds and have moved in to fill the gap. If you don’t live within Sensi’s limited shipping range, you can still get your hands on some of those stellar seeds through a distributor. Of course, whenever you buy from a reseller there is some additional risk involved. No matter how hard they try, seeds bought through a middleman will always be slightly more expensive and slightly less fresh than buying straight from the source- but Sensi seeds are worth it.

For customers outside the EU: Sensi Seeds section at Seedsman.com seed bank – shipping worldwide.
Full review: Sensi Seeds 2018 Review.

Seed Breeder, Based in AmsterdamBig Selection, Many Cup WinnersShipping to EU Countries OnlyCredit Cards, Cash & Bank TransferQuick Links – Sensi Seeds Online Seed Shop:Sensi Seeds HomepageIndoor Cannabis SeedsOutdoor Cannabis SeedsCannabis Cup WinnersSensi Seeds for BeginnersXXL Yields StrainsSensi Seeds CBD ProductsShipping InformationSensi Seeds FAQ Page

7. True North Seed Bank (TNSB)

True North Seed Bank

True North is a Canadian seed bank, if you couldn’t guess from the name. They don’t breed their own brand of seeds, but they do stock and resell seeds from a variety of other popular breeders like Royal Queen Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Moxie Seeds, DNA Genetics, Delicious Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Serious Seeds, Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Green House Seed Company, G13 Labs, Paradise Seeds, and CBD Crew. They’re relatively new to the cannabis seed industry in 2018 and haven’t really made a name for themselves yet.

Reputation 6/10Service 5/10Shipping Range 10/10Stealth Shipping 8/10Seeds Quality 7.5/10Seed Selection 9/10Payment Methods 9/10Overall 7.7/10

True North Seed Bank prices are reasonable for a reseller, but prepare to pay more than you would by buying directly from the breeder. You might be able to catch a sale, since they frequently have several different promotions running at once. They also offer free seeds with every order, and the more you spend on your order, the more free seeds you get. They ship worldwide with stealth shipping and accept Visa or Mastercard, International Money Order, Cash, Bank Transfer, MG, E-transfer, Bitcoin, and Litecoin payments.

True North is a legitimate seed bank with good business practices that hasn’t really built up a reputation as of yet. We look forward to seeing what they do in the future, but it may be hard for them to break into a niche in the market where Seedsman is king.
Full review: True North Seed Bank 2018 Review.

Seed Bank (Resellers), Based in CanadaHuge Selection, More Than 50 BreedersShipping Worldwide, Stealth PackagingCredit Cards, Bitcoin & Bank TransferQuick Links – True North Seed Bank:True North HomepageCannabis Cup WinnersTNSB Best Selling SeedsTNSB Loyalty ProgramTrue North Free SeedsTrue North Seed Bank FAQTNSB Payment InformationTNSB Shipping InformationTrue North Special Offers

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How to Choose the Right Marijuana Seed Bank

The right seed bank can be a personal choice for everyone. One brand may be extremely popular with your friends and others in the industry, but if they don’t sell your favorite strains, they won’t be right for you. Likewise, if a seed bank with a sterling reputation doesn’t ship to your country, there’s not much that you can do about that.

You may be trying to find the “holy grail” of seed banks, one that suits you perfectly, or, with so many fake seed banks on the internet these days, your top concern may just be to avoid spending your hard earned money on scams. It can be hard to tell the good from the bad at a glance, but there are a few things you can look at before placing an order to make sure that the seed bank you’ve chosen is legitimate. You should consider things like the seed bank’s reputation, seed selection, product quality, customer service, shopping experience, stealth shipping options, return policy, and payment options.

With these factors combined, you’ll be able to get an accurate picture of the seed bank. Many of the scam websites may look good in one or two of these categories, but the rest will be nonexistent or poorly propped up at best. That should be easy for you to see through, once you know what to look for. The most telling area for scam seed banks is usually customer service. The fakes will usually have extremely poor customer service, if they list the contact information on their website at all. They may be extremely slow to get back to you, reluctant to answer your questions, rude, or simply unknowledgeable about the products that they supposedly stock.

Checking on customer service first may save you a lot of time in weeding out the scam seed banks from the real ones. Even if you occasionally right off a real seed bank as a scam due to their poor customer service, it will be no big loss, since you wouldn’t want to buy from a company with such poor customer relations anyway! Trust us, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and headache down the road by simply not doing business with companies that aren’t willing to be responsive, friendly, and helpful in solving your problems with their products.

Customer service is straightforward, but what exactly should you be looking for in the other categories? Here’s a little guide to help you:

Seed Bank Reputation

A seed shop’s reputation says a lot about them. It’s usually formed over hundreds of customer interactions- whether they be good or bad. Every shop is going to have some negative reviews online, but you want to be sure that the good outweighs the bad. But be sure to check if their good reviews sound a little bit too good, as if they were just written by a member of the seed bank’s marketing team. This can be a tricky step in itself, so if you have any real life acquaintances that have bought from the seed bank before, ask them about their experience.

You can usually find user-generated reviews of different seed banks in cannabis related chat forums, and we are constantly adding new seed banks to our review section on this website. Reputation can be one of the most subjective and easiest to manipulate of the categories, so make sure to do your research, but ultimately take whatever you find with a grain of salt. This is only a starting point for our evaluation of the seed bank in question. The rest of the categories will help us form a full picture.

Seed Bank Seed selection

It’s important that any seed bank you’re considering buying from has the types of seeds that you like and that work in your grow space. If you grow exclusively outdoors, it won’t do to shop at a seed bank that stocks exclusively seeds that are specifically formulated for indoor growth. This will of course be a personal decision based on your own preferences, but it’s also important to think about how your tastes may change over time.

Your favorite seed bank may stock your current favorite, but what will your favorite be a year from now, or ten years from now? Look for a seed bank with a well rounded seed selection that allows you to grow into it over time and experiment with new strains that you may otherwise never have tried. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Seed Bank Product Quality

This is one of the most important categories to consider, but it can also be the hardest to judge without having bought product. As with the reputation section, you may have to rely heavily on online reviews of the seed bank to find out what other people think of the seeds. If the seed bank breeds strains that have won prestigious awards like the Cannabis Cup, that is a really good sign. In that case, professional judges have done the work of evaluating product quality for you! You should be able to trust their opinion. Of course, it’s easier to say that you’ve won a Cannabis Cup than to actually do it, so if you have any doubts about the authenticity of a claim, you can always double check it against the competition’s official winner’s list which will be maintained on their website.

Other clues as to a product’s quality can be found in the description of the strain. Usually, cannabis seed banks that provide a detailed, thoughtful description of each of their products (including its growth statistics, effects, and genetics) are the ones that really take pride in their product. This usually means that they have a pretty high quality product that you can trust.

Seed Bank Shopping Experience

Having a wide variety of high quality products is meaningless if the customers can’t sift through the listings to find what they want, which is why shopping experience is extremely important. It’s up to you to determine what features you value most in an online seed bank, but it may be something like robust search features and filters, detailed descriptions of each strain, a clean and modern looking aesthetic, or something else entirely.

Whatever it is that you need out of a seed bank website, make sure that the seed bank you’re considering has it, so that you can have a good experience each time that you shop there, rather than being frustrated trying to find what you want each time that you shop there.

Seed Bank Stealth Shipping Options, Return Policy, and Payment Methods

Of course, any online marijuana seed bank you’re considering buying from will need to ship to your country and accept the form of payment that you intend to order with. It’s also good if they accept a variety of payment methods that you may choose to pay with in the future.

We always recommend shopping at a seed bank that offers a stealth shipping guarantee that allows your order to be re-sent in the event that it is intercepted anywhere along the way, and we think you should always buy that service whenever it is available.

One thing that people often forget to check until it’s too late is the return policy. Usually, people only look at it after they’ve placed their order and need to return a product, usually to find out that it’s less generous than they would have liked. Make sure that you read each seed bank’s return policy in full before you place any order to make sure that it sounds reasonable to you. If a seed bank doesn’t have a return policy listed anywhere on its website, that is a major red flag and it could very likely be a scam, so make sure to look for it.

The Best Online Cannabis Seedbanks in 2018 – Go and Grow!

Whenever you’re dealing with a new seed bank, you never want to place an order blind. Make sure you do your homework first and ask yourself a few key questions. Is the seed bank you’re considering buying from well known and well loved, infamously bad, or unheard of? Do they have a good selection of the types of seeds that you prefer? Are those seeds of a good quality and held to high standards? Do they have a customer service team that is easy to get in contact with, friendly, and willing to work with the customer? Is their website user friendly and easy to navigate? What are their policies on stealth shipping, returns, and payment methods?

Once you’ve answered each of these questions to your own satisfaction, you’ll be ready to choose the seed bank that’s the best choice for you. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be less susceptible to scam weed seed banks and businesses that are more concerned with making a quick buck than keeping a loyal customer base. You’ll be able to warn your friends off of shady companies and steer them toward better choices.

With one less thing to worry about, your grows will go smoother than ever before, and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the process rather than seething over bad seeds or wrestling with uncooperative customer service agents to try and return some damaged products. Buying from trustworthy seed banks can make all the difference.

The Best Cannabis Seed Banks - Page Summary

#Seed BankShippingPaymentOverall ScoreSpecial Offers
1. Crop King SeedsWorldwidePayPalBitcoinCredit Cards9.6 [Review]• Special Offers
2.MSNLWorldwideBitcoinCredit Cards9.5 [Review]• Special Offers
• Free Seeds
3.SeedsmanWorldwideBitcoinCredit Cards9.2 [Review]• Special Offers
• Free Seeds
4.Ministry of CannabisWorldwideBitcoinCredit Cards9.1 [Review]None
5.Nirvana ShopExcept AUS, ARG & JPNBitcoinCredit Cards8.9 [Review]• Special Offers
6.Sensi SeedsEU Countries OnlyCredit Cards8.7 [Review]None
7.True North Seed BankWorldwideBitcoinCredit Cards7.7 [Review]None

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