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The Best Pre Rolled Cones in 2018: A Complete Guide

With pre rolled cones increasing in demand, it’s time to investigate what they’re all about. Here’s everything you need to know before buying pre rolled cones, from the flavors and best brands to how to fill them.

When pre rolled cones come up in conversation, do you wonder what they’re all about? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything about them, from their benefits to ways to fill them. Also, find out below how RAW, JWare, Cones, Cyclones, Juicy Jay’s, and other popular brands in 2018 rate when it comes to their pre rolled cones.

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Defining Pre Rolled Cones

Pre rolled cones are pretty much what the name suggests; they are rolling papers already rolled for you. Yes, they come rolled. Often, they are simply called “pre-rolls.” These cones are an example of a ready-made product, which appeals to many RYO enthusiasts who want to save a bit of time and energy in their day by not having to roll the paper by hand themselves.

Why Buy Pre Rolled Cones?

When you want to smoke some weed, pre rolled cones are a great alternative to hand rolling. If you don’t have your hand-rolling routine down pat yet, you can totally eliminate this step by buying a pre rolled cones. There is no aggravation experienced if, during rolling, the paper accidentally tears either; we all remember having that issue as an RYO newbie, right?

You won’t have to worry about rolling the joint incorrectly again. Imagine that?! When the roll isn’t done right, it can lead to an uneven burn and harsher taste, which is just a waste of good bud.

Also, if you have joint pain, hand-rolling papers can be difficult or even physically impossible. Instead, switch to pre rolled cones so that you can still light up. Just fill the cone with a strain designed to help relieve muscle tension and sit back to enjoy the smoke. For a person with arthritis, whether it be mild, severe, or somewhere in between, pre rolled cones can be a convenient solution.

Obviously, not having to roll your own paper saves time too. You get to the smoking part sooner (the best part of the routine). Filling the cone is simple too, as we explain below in the subsection “How to Properly Fill Pre Rolled Cones.” You do not have to lick the paper either as the paper is already glued together for you, which is great if you do not like the licking step.

For your marijuana-loving lifestyle, a great option might be to stock up on both pre rolled cones and traditional sheets. This way you enjoy the best of both worlds. Select what you want, when you want it. Then if you don’t feel like hand rolling one day, just reach for an already-rolled cone instead. The cones fit into your pockets too, making them very portable.

The Best & Most Popular Brands of Pre Rolled Cones in 2018

You don’t have to sacrifice quality when you choose pre rolled cones, at least not when you buy the best brands. In 2018, these are brands we recommend for their pre rolled cones:
Buy Online: Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog – Shop by Category.

#1 – RAW Pre Rolled Cones

Enjoy having the quality RAW sheets you love already rolled for you. RAW is known for its unbleached papers that are free of that off-putting chlorine aftertaste that you get some competing brands.

The pre rolled cones are a timesaver and smoke like a dream. RAW pre rolled cones have RAW’s distinctive watermark for an even burn and less opportunity for annoying runs.

RAW uses gum that has a water-based to provide the ultimate hold. This type of glue is great for purists, rather than the chemical glue (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) used by several other brands.
Buy Online: RAW Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.

RAW has two collections: RAW Classic and RAW Organic. The Organic variety is organically grown and undergoes eco-friendly processing; the paper is pure hemp and is a lighter shade of brown than Classic. The Classic is a blend of unbleached fibers and natural brown in color.

RAW Classic and Organic pre rolled cones are thin and have a clean taste. When you buy RAW cones, you will notice the brand’s unique sizes. The sizes are Supernatural, Peacemaker, Emperador, Lean, King Size, The 98 Special, and the ever-popular 1 1/4.

The Emperador Classic Cone features hemp paper with a nine-inch length. As for RAW Supernatural Cones, they are 12 inches long. The Supernatural first came on the market in 2015 and is good to have on hand for when you want to share the smoking experience with friends.
Buy Online: RAW Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.

#2 – JWare Pre Rolled Cones

For first-class, pre rolled cones, JWare is a brand we would be remiss not to mention here. The paper cones come in elegantly designed boxes, and a packing tool is included for each cone.

If you are looking for high quality, from the package to the smoking experience, take the time to try the JWare pre rolled cones. The burn is smooth, and also you don’t get any taste of paper. Plus, you don’t get any waste because they come with a paper filter to keep your marijuana from falling out of the bottom. The filter improves airflow too.
Buy Online: JWare Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.

The pre rolled cones are made of thin cigarette paper and use a quality glue. JWare offers different sizes of cones to meet a range of smoker’s needs. There are the JWare Medium cones, for example, which have a 98mm paper length.

Or, maybe you want to buy the JWare King Size Cones instead. They have a paper length of 109mm and come in various packs. The King Size is a good choice when you’re sharing the smoke with a friend.

JWare Pre Rolled Super Size Cones are even larger, so they’re a good choice for a party. JWare Mega Size Cones are even bigger – when holding this big cone, you’ll be the envy of your friends.
Buy Online: JWare Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.

#3 – Juicy Jay’s Pre Rolled Cones

These cones are also known as Juicy Jay’s Jones, and they pack a wallop of flavor. Pre rolled Juicy Jay’s Cones are made from a blend of rice and hemp; the special formula of the paper burns smoothly and evenly.

The Juicy Jay’s pre rolled cones are all 1 1/4 wide and 4 inch long. They come in two-packs, which keeps them fresh and aromatic for when it’s time to use them. Yes, they smell as good as they taste.

The mouthwatering, sweet flavors include Blueberry, Grape, Blackberry, and Watermelon. The flavor complements that of the weed and extends across the entire paper to excite your different taste buds.

The yummy taste of the paper is possible with Juicy Jay’s triple-dipped flavoring system that provides three times the flavor of what you’ll get with many competitors. One reusable Dank 7 Tip comes with each two-pack. The Dank 7 Tip has been soaked in blueberry or another flavor (the taste matches to the cone) for seven days, just like the paper, to give you the same great taste bursting from the tip. We like that you can reuse the tip time and again.

Each two-pack of Juicy Jay’s pre rolled cones that you buy comes in a hard case, which helps keep it from getting crushed during transport. The paper has a fun printed design; it is printed with soy ink to depict the fruit flavor. The Juicy Jay’s Blackberry Cones, for example, feature blackberry images all over them.

With all of these characteristics, it’s no wonder the Juicy Jay’s pre rolled cones are amongst the most popular cones on the market. If you’re not sure which flavor to buy, then try a mixed pack of Juicy Jay’s pre rolled cones. This way you can sample different ones and find out what tastes you like the most.
Buy Online: Juicy Jay’s Flavored Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.

#4 – Cyclones Pre Rolled Cones

Another popular brand of pre rolled smoking cones is Cyclones. When you buy Cyclones Clear Pre Rolled Cones, you will notice right away they look different than anything else on the market. The paper is cotton cellulose, which gives it a plastic-like appearance. Not to worry, though, as the material is natural and safe to smoke; it is not plastic.

The translucent cones are fun and tasty, whichever flavor you choose. One option is the Cyclones Pimperschnapps Pre Rolled Cones, which tastes like a combination of peach and mint. Other flavors include Blueberry, Chill Red, Chill Blue, Ice Dream, and Grape.

The brand uses a triple-dip flavor system to create the delicious taste. You can get the Cyclones unflavored paper cones too if you are not a fruity fan. Each two-pack of cones has a packing tube so that they won’t get crushed. Plus, they are an affordable price at Rolling Paper Depot.

As for the smoke that you’ll have with Cyclones, the pre rolled cones have a slow, smooth burn. For an even slower burn, check out Cyclones Xtra Slow Cones, which are double-wrapped cigarette tubes. They are natural, wrapped twice with a non-homogenized tobacco leaf. Both the inner and outer leaf are flavored, for even more deliciousness.

Cyclones cones are sturdy, tobacco free, and easy to load. If you are craving a tasty pre roll, then you’re likely to enjoy Cyclones.
Buy Online: Cyclones Flavored Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.

Where to Buy Pre Rolled Cones Online

It pays to do your research or refer to our advice in this handy guide before you buy pre rolled cones so that you know where to buy them to get high quality. We suggest you shop at Rolling Paper Depot (RPD) for rolling paper products online.

Arizona-based RPD has a trustworthy reputation; they are known for delivering orders within a reasonable time and carrying genuine products. They have a nice selection of paper cones in various sizes at low prices.

Rolling Paper Depot ships around the globe too. They will ship RYO items to the United Kingdom, Sweden, China, France, United States, Italy, Canada, Greece, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands.

RPD accepts major credit cards; you can pay by Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express. Following payment, the order ships within 24 hours or, if it is a weekend or holiday, then expect shipping to happen the next business day.

Rolling Paper Depot: Main Page | Shop by Brand | Shop by Category | Pre Rolled Cones

Flavors, So Many Flavors

There are many different flavors of pre rolled paper cones. Juicy Jay’s Jones, for example, come in delicious varieties like Watermelon and Grape. They are a nice alternative to unflavored skins.

When you buy Juicy Jay’s Cones, you won’t have to worry about getting a bland experience. The triple-dip system of flavoring the paper heightens the taste of each cone and the yummy taste stays on your lips after the smoke.

If you are on the fence about buying flavored cones or think you won’t want to smoke them regularly, then we suggest you just get a few flavored pre rolled cones to have occasionally, like when there’s a special occasion, or when you want a change of pace. It’s nice to have options as a marijuana enthusiast.

Try experimenting with different flavors too so that you find out what you like and don’t like. If you’re not a fan of watermelon but still want to try a fruity cone, then how about Juicy Jay’s Blueberries Cones? Or, you might want Blackberry instead.

Complete Products List: Juicy Jay’s Dank 7 Pre Rolled Cones Series.
For More Flavors: Cyclones Flavored Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.
For Even More Flavors: Flavored Rolling Products – Shop by Flavor.

Benefits of RAW’s Pre Rolled Cones

One of the leading brands in pre rolled cones is RAW. RAW pre rolled cones come in unique sizes and have a shape made to enhance the smoking experience.

With RAW Classic’s 98 Special Cone, for example, more cannabis burns when the pre rolled cone is first lit and gradually reduces this amount as you smoke it. As a result, you get a stronger hit at the start, and it gradually mellows out by the end. If you’re curious about the origins of the 98 Special name, it refers to the cone’s special size of 98mm by 20mm.

Review of RAW Cones Pack

Another great way to find out which pre rolled cones you like best is to get a sample kit like the RAW Rawket Launcher. It is a pack of 20 assorted pre rolled cones from the RAW brand. There are seven sizes in the kit:
• 6 1 1/4 cones
• 2 98 Special cones
• 4 King Size cones
• 2 Lean cones
• 2 Emparador cones
• 2 Peacemaker cones
• 2 Supernatural cones

Try out the different sizes of RAW pre rolled cones, all by just buying this variety pack at RPD. Choose from a single pack or get a whole box (8 packs in a box).

The original crisscross watermark on the pre rolled papers inspire a smooth burn, and the hemp gum line is designed to match the burn rate. The taste of the chlorine-free paper is light and clean.
Buy Online: RAW 20 Stage Rawket Launcher.
Complete Products List: RAW Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.

How to Properly Fill Pre Rolled Cones

By now it is clear that pre rolled cones eliminate the entire rolling stage; they save you significant time and energy in 2018. Of course, you still have to fill them with cannabis. So, what is the best way to do so?

When it comes to filling pre rolled cones, the most effective process is as follows:
1. Put aside the amount of cannabis that you want to smoke
2. Fill the cone with this weed
3. Pack it gently within the cone, using a tip or similar instrument
4. Twist the cone’s widest end shut
5. Give it a little shake
6. Light up the cone

By the end, you will have a great-looking smoke. Anyone looking at you with it in hand will not realize you have not hand-rolled it either.

Yes, it is a straightforward process of filling and then smoking. But, if you would rather not fill the cone by hand, there are pre rolled cones filling machines from RAW and other brands that automate the stuffing stage.
Buy Online: Pre Rolled Cones Filling Machines 2018 Catalog.

How Cone Filling Machines Work

You no longer have to fill rolled cones by hand when you use a pre rolled cones filling machine. There are two basic types of cone filling machines; the first one injects the cone with weed, while the second one uses vibration and gravity to fill the cone.

With this type of device, each cone is filled to perfection, saving you headaches. When you’re shopping for a cone filling machine, make sure you choose one that fits the size of cone you use. There are filling machines made to fill small cones, while others are for King Size cones.

The RAW 1 1/4 Cone Filler, for example, is designed specifically to make filling pre rolled 1 1/4 cones easier. Use it time and again to fill 1 1/4 size cones one by one. It works with most brands’ 1 1/4 cones. RAW also offers a King Size Cone Filler.

Or, if you would rather fill multiple cones at one time, rather than going one a time, to save time, check out the RAW Thumper Cone Filler. This handy piece of equipment is able to fill 100 pre rolled cones at one time!

When your weed is loose on a tray, and you want to pick it up to put into the cone, how do you do it? One of the simplest ways to scoop it up and load it into a cone is to use the RAW Cone Loader. This clever tool is funnel shaped and makes filling the cone a cinch, especially when used with the included non-stick scraper and bamboo poker.
Buy Online: Pre Rolled Cones Filling Machines 2018 Catalog.

Pre Rolled Cones & Celebrities

In the hip hop world, many singers have publically endorsed pre rolled cones, even launching their own custom brands. From Wiz Khalifa to Snoop Dogg, many stars are embracing cannabis in their lives.

Wiz recently collaborated with RAW rolling papers to design several pre roll tins covered with 3D artwork. Then the singer teamed up with RAW again to craft The Wiz Cone, which is a pre rolled cone available in 1 1/4, Peacemaker, and King Size. The Wiz Cone, in either size, is easy to fill, comes with a RAW Perfecto Cone Tip, and has an anti-run watermark.

With many celebrities smoking weed and raising awareness about it, we look forward to watching how their activities affect laws in the United States and around the world concerning our favorite green plant.
Buy Online: Wiz Khalifa / RAW Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.

Summing Up Pre Rolled Cones

There is no denying that there is demand for pre rolled cones. They come already rolled for you, so right away they eliminate the prep state for RYO enthusiasts. Simply fill, close, and smoke the pre roll. For both medical and personal smokers, this option is convenient, and the simplicity of it is welcome.

Although pre rolled cones tend to be a little pricier than just buying the sheets and rolling them yourself, they do save you time and energy. So, paying a bit more for them may be worth it to you. Plus, they are a saving grace if you have joint pain that makes hand rolling difficult. Also, if you want to test a strain, just fill a cone with it and see how it goes without investing a lot of time in the process.

While not all pre rolled cones are top quality, you can depend on RAW, Cyclones, JWare, Cones, and Juicy Jay’s cones, in our opinion. They are available at trustworthy head shops like Rolling Paper Depot and provide an enjoyable smoke, whether you want the natural options of RAW, the delicious flavors of Juicy Jay’s, JWare’s premium lineup or Cyclones clear cones.

We appreciate that some brands like RAW offer pre rolled cones in unique sizes and there are a range of materials that can make up the paper. The pre rolled cones can be flavored too. Whatever you want, the chances are good that it’s available somewhere.

So, now that you know all about pre rolled cones, it’s time to move on to the next topic. But, first, let’s light one up and enjoy.
Buy Online: Pre Rolled Cones – Shipping Worldwide.
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