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Review of RAW Rolling Papers: Are They Worth Buying?

RAW rolling papers and accessories have a cult-like fan base but do they live up to the hype of being a quality natural option in 2018? Find out whether buying RAW papers is a gateway to a more enjoyable smoking experience.

If you enjoy the roll-your-own lifestyle, then you know that few things are worse than getting a paper that is difficult to roll and leaves a harsh aftertaste of chlorine. Given that rolling papers can significantly improve your weed smoking experience (or vice versa), you want to make sure you pick a good one. But, with so many options available online, including many sub-par varieties, a quality brand can seem elusive. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive review of RAW rolling papers, a brand that is making a name for itself in 2018 as a natural option with a smooth smoke. Find out, once and for all, whether RAW rolling papers are worth buying, depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

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About the RAW Brand of Rolling Papers

RAW is owned by HBI International, a leading U.S. manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor of rolling papers and rolling paper accessories. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company offers a range of RYO goods, including the RAW line. HBI International has a lot of clout in the cannabis market with additional product lines that include Herbal Bar, Juicy Jays, and Rolling Supreme.

RAW launched in 2005 and is now one of the most familiar rolling paper names around, with a cult-like fan base, for several reasons. Firstly, RAW has a unique image in the rolling paper industry of being additive-free. RAW Rolling Papers do not contain any chemicals (like chlorine) or preservatives that you find in a lot of brands today. Thus, the brand appeals to someone looking for a pure weed smoking experience.

Also, the brand has a big social media presence, including one million followers on Instagram and 21,000 on Twitter in 2018. So, it is difficult to ignore or deny RAW’s presence online.

RAW is known for its community spirit too. The RAW Foundation funds several projects worldwide, including in the Philippines and Ethiopia, that focus on human equality and helping others in need. In 2012, for example, RAW donated $10,000 to the non-profit Wine To Water to help build water wells and educate needy populations on proper sanitation procedures.

Given these characteristics, RAW stands out from the pack in the rolling paper industry. The brand is also easily identifiable by appearance.

The Unique Look of Raw Papers

Put any RAW rolling paper in front of you and right away you will notice they are not bright white like other paper brands. The reason is that RAW papers do not contain the whitening agent chlorine.

The RAW Classic papers are light brown as they contain only natural materials. As for RAW Organic Hemp, they are significantly lighter in appearance than Classic; the Organic papers are a tan color, with the exact shade depending on the color of the hemp used to create the papers. Also, while both Classic and Organic are thin, Organic are even more so, to the extent that they are almost transparent.

Another distinctive element is the CrissCross watermark on the papers. RAW’s patented watermark encourages an even burn and reduces the risks of runs, which makes for a smooth smoke. When smoking either type, the papers burn slowly, giving you time to reach a peaceful state.

As for how these rolling papers are made, they come from artisans in Alcoy, Spain. The pure Acacia gum on the papers is hand-harvested in Ethiopia and Senegal from Acacia trees.

Now that the basics of the RAW brand are clear let’s delve into reviewing the two overarching types of RAW rolling papers: Classic and Organic, beginning with Classic.

RAW Classic Rolling Papers

RAW Classic comes in many varieties, including regular, creaseless, and rolls. Classic interleaved papers are made from a unique blend of unbleached fibers and use natural gum. They are 100 percent natural and watermarked for an even burn and less opportunity for runs. The taste is clean and pure, regardless of the size and design. In other words, you taste the weed rather than the paper.
Buy Online: RAW Classic Rolling Papers 2018 Catalog.

RAW Classic Regular

The Classic Regular come unfolded and flat. RAW has all of the common sizes:
RAW Classic Single Wide – 50 papers per pack, 50 packs per box (also available in Double Window pack).
RAW Classic 1 1/4 – 32 papers per pack, 24 packs per box.
RAW Classic 1 1/2 – 33 papers per pack, 24 packs per box.
RAW Classic KSS (King Size Slim) – 32 papers per pack, 50 packs per box.
RAW Classic Huge (12in-long Supernatural papers) – 20 papers per pack, 20 packs per box.

The RAW Classic Single Wide is popular, although some smokers prefer 1 1/4 as it is longer and wider than SW. If you want to go wider than 1 1/4 but retain the 1 1/4 length, then the 1 1/2in size will be right for you. As for KSS, its slim design is great for an easier roll and handling, without compromising potency.

RAW Classic Creaseless

If creaseless papers are what you prefer to use when rolling cannabis, you can find them at RAW. Creaseless papers enable you to create your own fold precisely where you want it. The rolling papers are interleaved, made of natural gum, watermarked, and totally natural.

The three options are:
RAW Classic Creaseless 1 1/4 300’s – 300 papers per pack, 40 packs per box.
RAW Classic Creaseless 1 1/4 500’s – 500 papers per pack, 40 packs per box.
Raw Classic Creaseless King Size Supreme – 40 papers per pack, 24 packs per box.

Admittedly, RAW Classic Creaseless may be difficult for a beginner to roll, but a cannabis connoisseur in 2018 shouldn’t have any issues with the papers. An RYO enthusiast will also appreciate that no paper is wasted in the roll, and you won’t taste the paper the way that you might with brands that contain harsh chemicals.

As with RAW Classic Regular, the creaseless papers contain a mixture of unbleached fibers for a less-processed version of rolling papers than competitors. Just be careful not to wet the papers too much as the glue might come off; some users describe the glue as being fragile. However, if you are a purist AND you want to be able to create your own shape as you roll up the natural paper, then you will likely be content with RAW Classic Creaseless papers.

The prices of all three Classic Creaseless packs are competitive, especially when you take into account that they are additive-free, which helps give you a clean taste. The creaseless rolling papers all have RAW’s signature cross-weave pattern that helps keep your smoke burning even and slow.

RAW Classic Natural Paper Rolls

If you regularly smoke weed, you may want to stock up on RAW rolls. The benefit of choosing rolls over the pre-cut RAW papers is that you can roll them into the paper size you want at the time. So, if you want to roll more weed into your joint then simply tear the bigger size. The Classic rolls come in Single Wide, King Size and King Size Slim sizes.

The options are:
RAW Classic Single Wide 5M Paper Roll
RAW Classic King Size Slim 5M Paper Roll
RAW Classic King Size 3M Paper Roll
RAW Classic King Size 3M Roll with 30 Pre Rolled Tips

As with the other Classic papers, the rolls have RAW’s CrissCross weave that helps prevent runs and gives you an even, pure smoking experience. The paper is ultra-thin, and there is no wasting it because you choose the perfect size every time.

RAW Organic Hemp Papers

Now that you know about RAW Classic let’s look at the other type: RAW Organic Hemp Papers. The word “organic”, in this context, refers to the absence of pesticides or toxic non-natural fertilizers in the growing process, according to the RAW website. If you are a purist, this method will likely appeal to you. Organic papers come in regular, creaseless, and rolls.
Buy Online: RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers 2018 Catalog.

Organic Regular

For Organic Regular, choose from:
RAW Organic Single Wide Double Window – 100 papers per pack, 25 packs per box.
RAW Organic 1 1/4 – 32 papers per pack, 24 packs per box.
RAW Organic 1 1/2 – 32 papers per pack, 24 packs per box.
RAW Organic King Size Slim – 32 papers per pack, 50 packs per box.

The RAW Organic papers are soft, making them easy to roll. They have a slightly waxy feel though that can take some adjusting to in your roll-your-own routine.

The light color of each rolling paper reflects that it is made of chlorine-free pure hemp and processed in an eco-friendly way. Even the gum is 100 percent natural on these papers. Every paper has the patented CrissCross watermark to help prevent runs and induce a smooth burn. The lightweight interweaved paper burns extra slowly too, whether you buy RAW Organic Single Wide, Organic 1 1/4, Organic 1 1/2, or Organic King Size Slim.

A safe choice is the popular Single Wide if you want to try Organic for the first time. But if your preference is for a longer and wider paper than SW, then the 1 1/4 would likely be the better choice. As for KSS, it will be significantly longer than the SW and 1 1/4 sizes, giving you a bigger hit.

RAW Organic Creaseless

A great advantage of RAW organic hemp creaseless rolling papers is that you can shape them the way you want when you want. The papers come completely flat and without a crease down the middle.

When buying RAW Organic Creaseless papers, you have a single option:
RAW Organic Creaseless 1 1/4 300’s – 300 papers per pack, 40 packs per box

Organic Creaseless papers are very thin. The lightness of RAW paper enables air to pass easily through the joint for a leisurely burn and enjoyable toking session.

Plus, eco-savvy consumers will appreciate that the all-natural hemp papers are grown without the use of harsh chemicals or toxins. Obviously, an additional benefit is that smokers won’t inhale any chemicals. So, for a regular smoker or someone who desires a green approach, any worries about unsafe materials are removed.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolls

Each RAW Organic Hemp Roll has nine feet of genuine watermarked paper. If you like being able to select your own size of rolling paper, then these rolls will be of interest to you. The paper is lightweight, thin, and organically grown. There are no chemicals in the rolls.

At the time of this 2018 review, the only size of Organic roll available is RAW Organic King Size Slim 5M Roll. The roll is non-GMO, and the gum is natural. The original watermark on the thin paper helps you sidestep any pesky runs and extends the length of the smoke. Be gentle as you roll though or you may rip the fragile papers. If you find that the gum isn’t sticking as you finish the roll, try adding a little saliva to the gum line to improve it.

Once you have the joint successfully rolled and in your hand, you will notice that the paper is so thin that it is almost see-through. Being able to see the cannabis within the paper is a fun feature. We only wish there was as much selection with RAW Organic Rolls as the Classic versions.

RAW Organic Vs RAW Classic Papers: How are They Different?

While both RAW Organic and RAW Classic are natural choices for rolling paper, the main difference between them is that the Organic kind is made of hemp while the Classic contains unbleached fibers. Classic is unrefined, while Organic grows in an eco-friendly manner.

Another difference is in the rolling stage; fans of the Classic papers insist it has a smoother roll than Organic. Meanwhile, supporters of the Organic variety say that it burns better than Classic because it the paper has a superior sticking ability.

As earlier mentioned, they look slightly different, with RAW Organic being a lighter shade of brown than RAW Classic. The Organic sheets are even thinner than the Classic, to the extent that they are semi-translucent.

Regarding taste, some smokers claim that RAW Organic has a harsher taste than RAW Classic, while other smokers find no difference in flavor between the two. Meanwhile, some RAW enthusiasts explain that they are simply happy not to have to ingest the fumes of harsh chemicals any longer when they want to smoke marijuana.

For some cannabis lovers, they have no preference between RAW Organic or RAW Classic but instead choose the one that has a better sale price. For other smokers, they stick to one over the other simply because of the familiarity with it. Given this feedback, it may be a trial-and-error experience for you to find which of the two rolling paper types you prefer from this brand.

RAW Classic & Organic Pre-Rolled Cones

When you do not want to hand-roll the paper, either because of the time it takes, or you do not know the proper technique, RAW pre-rolled cones are a great solution. They come already rolled for you on the unique watermarked, thin paper. All you have to do is fill them with weed, twist off the ends, and light them.

The smoking experience with these cones is similar to the RAW papers you hand-roll. The cones are in high demand at the time of our 2018 review, especially after recent public endorsements by superstars like Wiz Khalifa, Rhianna, and Rick Ross. So, you may have to be patient if they are sold out when you head to RPD.

RAW Pre Rolled Cones Packs (Partial List):
RAW Cone Challenger – 2 Foot Long!
RAW 20 Stages Rawket Launcher – 7 different sizes in 1 pack.
RAW 1 1/4 Pre Rolled Cones – 32 Pack.
RAW The 98 Special Cones – 1400 Pack.
RAW King Size Pre Rolled Cones – 1400 Pack.
RAW Lean Pre Rolled Cones – 800 Pack.
RAW Emperador Pre Rolled Cones – Single cone pack.
RAW Supernatural Pre Rolled Cones – Single cone pack.
RAW Oragnic 1 1/4 Pre Rolled Cones – 32 Pack.
RAW Organic Hemp King Size Cones – 3 Pack.
RAW Organic Hemp Cones Bundle – 800 King Size + 900 1 1/4 Cones.
RAW Wiz Khalifa Pre Rolled Cones – Full List.

The cones come in Classic and Organic, in a range of sizes. If you want Classic 1 1/4 cones, you can go for the quarter six-pack that has six cones per pack, with 32 packs per box, or you might decide to buy the KS 32-pack that has 32 King Size cones per box. Or, if you envision many smokes ahead then you might opt for the affordable 800 Bulk KS pack that has 800 King Size cones per box. We won’t go through every pack type in this review, but our point is that there are a lot of choices.
Buy Online: RAW Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.
Buy Online: RAW Wiz Khalifa Pre Rolled Cones 2018 Catalog.

RAW Classic & Organic Connoisseur Packs

The Connoisseur packs in Classic and Organic include everything you need for rolling joints. Every pack includes genuine RAW rolling papers in the chosen Classic or Organic variety, RAW unrefined tips, and an outer sleeve. As always, the papers are interleaved and watermarked to enrich your smoking session.

For Classic Connoisseur packs, you can get a 1 1/4 + Tips, 1 1/4 + Pre Rolled Tips, KSS + Tips or KSS + Pre Rolled Tips. As for the eco-friendly Organic Connoisseur packs, there is a KSS + Tips pack or 1 1/4 + Tips. More options: RAW High Times Connoisseur King Size and Wiz Khalifa Raw Connoisseur King Size Slim.

An additional note is that the RAW Connoisseur packaging is environmentally friendly. Each package is eco-crafted and printed using a special Japanese thermography process. Even the rubber band that binds the Connoisseur pack is natural. We appreciate the dedication of RAW to reducing its impact on the Earth as much as possible.
Buy Online: RAW Connoisseur Rolling Paper Packs 2018 Catalog.

RAW Artesano Packs

While we’re on the subject of rolling paper packs, you might want to step it up a notch with RAW Artesano. The pack has Classic papers, tips, and a pop-out spring-loaded rolling tray. So, it is like the Classic Connoisseur but with the addition of the tray.
Buy Online: RAW Artesano Rolling Paper Packs 2018 Catalog.

What about RAW Tips?

As you would expect from RAW, the tips are natural and unrefined. The tips are designed to prevent wasting any marijuana by giving you a spacer at the end of the joint. They are much easier to use than ripping off business cards. Besides, business cards can release potentially dangerous toxins when lit up because of the dye and other materials in the paper.

RAW offers a large selection of tips, including original, wide, pre-rolled, and gummed. There are also tips specially made for their cones (pre-rolled, Perfecto, and Maestro versions). When you want a natural way to roll on the go, RAW tips are great. They are affordable, easier than make-shift versions, extend your weed further, and reduce rolling time.
Buy Online: RAW Filter Tips 2018 Catalog.

Analysis of RAW Rolling Accessories


Put your rolling papers, tips, and other supplies into a RAW wood box to keep it all conveniently in one place when you want it. If you are frequently on the go, this box is well worth the money. The lid sits in place with magnets, so don’t worry about the lid coming off if it gets moved by accident. Or, for a more deluxe option, check out the RAW RYO (Roll Your Own) Box.

The RAW RYO box is made of hardwood, has custom design etching on top, and the lid sits in place with four magnets. Inside the box are three sections to help organize your RAW papers, tips, herbs, and more. But if a box is not your ideal container, or you want something a little smaller, use the re-usable metal RAW Metal Tin, Raw Traveler, or RAW Smoking Wallet instead. Also, if you want to keep your RAW rolling papers safe and sturdy, the Paper Case can help you.
Full Products List: RAW Rolling Products & Accessories 2018 Catalog.

Grinders & Shredders

The shredder or grinder is a must-have item in 2018 for the majority of smokers. A good shredder eliminates the hassle of cutting up your cannabis with scissors and shreds herbs into pieces before you can smoke it. RAW has many shredders and grinders to choose from.

The RAW Shredder Card is convenient for carrying in your purse or wallet. It is also dishwasher safe, for an easy clean. Some users say it is overpriced for what it is, while others say it is great on the go (versus carrying a bulky grinder).
Full Products List: RAW Rolling Products & Accessories 2018 Catalog.


RAW carries several rolling trays, including the RAW limited edition gold leaf tray with its rounded corners and strong body. It is not flimsy like some competitor trays but instead has the durability that any cannabis roll-your-own aficionado would appreciate.

The large tray can fit your grinder, papers, and other must-have tools or accessories. It is not as portable as the RAW Small or Mini Trays, though, so it all depends on your needs, including how much space you have available to you. The big advantage of the large tray over the smaller versions is that everything will stay contained within it, which is handy.

RAW also makes a Backflip bamboo magnetic rolling tray. If you buy the Bamboo Rolling Tray, you will notice immediately the four carved round holes for your grinder, lighter, tin, or whatever else you want to put in them. The main surface is for rolling, including a central magnet to prevent the tray from moving around as you roll cigs, and there are two slots underneath for RAW papers. The design is well thought out and makes for efficient rolling.
Buy Online: RAW Rolling Trays 2018 Catalog.

Other Accessories

Additional RAW accessories include the RAW Pipe, RAW Rollers, Rolling Mat, Hemp Wick, Cone Maker, and Parchment Paper. Each roller contains hemp plastic and has undergone an environmentally-friendly cold-injection process; the special process helps ensure you get a roller that will last longer than an ordinary plastic one. RAW rollers are made on Kudos Island, Indonesia, whereas many cheaper alternatives come from China.

As you can tell from the number of RAW accessories available in 2018, RAW offers a comprehensive lineup to accompany its rolling papers. When you buy everything you need for the rolling experience from one brand, you can be confident that all items work well together. In the case of RAW, you are behaving in an environmentally-responsible manner too.
Buy Online: RAW Rolling Products & Accessories 2018 Catalog.

Where to Buy RAW Rolling Papers

When it comes time to buying your RAW papers, we recommend Rolling Paper Depot (RPD). This trustworthy shop has been operating since 2006, so it is not a fly-by-night company. RPD is based in Tempe, Arizona, and ships to several countries, rather than just within North America. They ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and United Kingdom. For payment options, they accept credit cards as a convenient way to get your rolling papers.

Rolling Paper Depot is widely-recognized, and even RAW endorses them on their website, which speaks highly for the distributor’s reliability. RPD carries a wide selection of RAW Classic and Organic papers, as well as pre-rolled cones and accessories.

Rolling Paper Depot is easy to use too, so you can spend less time shopping and more time smoking weed. Just click on each type of RAW rolling paper to see its size, price, and other details. Click the “Add to Cart” button to add it to your virtual shopping basket and then head to the checkout to complete your order.
Rolling Paper Depot: RAW Rolling Products & Accessories 2018 Catalog.

RPD has a good reputation for maintaining customer privacy, and the prices are reasonable too. While natural and organic products can be outlandish in price, thankfully RAW papers are an exception to this trend at RPD. The value is great when you consider how many packs you get in a box.

The reason prices are consistently affordable at Rolling Paper Depot is that the company has only a few employees, which enables them to maintain a low overhead. They can then pass on the savings to customers like you. We like that they will match any price from an authorized dealer too, so that means you get low cost every time.

Another great feature of Rolling Paper Depot is that all packages ship in discreet packaging to protect your privacy. Orders arrive in standard brown or white boxes, and only “RPD.com” shows as the return address. Regular and express shipping options are available, depending on whether you are in a rush or not.

And, if you should need to contact the company with a question or suggestion, there are many ways to reach the team. Contact methods include phone, email, regular mail, and a contact form on their website. Member accounts are fast to create and password protected for your privacy.

Rolling Paper Depot:
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RAW Rolling Products & Accessories 2018 Catalog

Our Impressions of RAW

In conducting our RAW review, we were impressed by the overall product quality, from the rolling papers to tips, cones, and accessories. We conclude that RAW is a good option for a purist, a person who wants a clean smoke, or anyone looking to lessen his or her carbon footprint.

Of course, no brand is perfect. Two examples are RAW’s flimsy trays in their Connoisseur packs and restricted options for the Organic Hemp Roll. But, there are more strengths than weaknesses.

A strong point is the product lines are all encompassing. You can purchase many different sizes of rolling papers in either Classic or Organic. All RAW papers contain the special watermark design and are thin, with the Organic papers being made from hemp.

When you use RAW papers, you can take pride in supporting a brand that believes in the natural rolling experience and also gives back to communities in need. Savor the taste of weed in your joint too, without inhaling any chemicals the way that you might with competitor brands. For a clean, pure smoking experience, the RAW brand is a great choice.
Buy Online: RAW Rolling Papers – Shipping Worldwide.
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